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Maybe school uniforms could be helpful

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As a parent, we have many choices to make when it comes to our kids and school.

We choose whether they eat school lunches or pack their lunches. Do we let them ride the bus or drive them to school? What sports should we introduce? How about after school activities?

Every day as parents our plates are full of decisions to consider when it comes to our kids.

This summer flew by and as much as we enjoyed all the activities and weekend trips, the beginning of the school year crept up and the laundry list of decisions was growing.

As a mom of four—three of them still in school—I found myself bracing for impact as we headed out to go back-to-school shopping and schedule planning. I had one going into sixth grade and his first year in middle school and two still attending elementary school for fifth and second grades.

From sneakers, clothes, backpacks, school supplies, locks for bikes and lockers, lunch bags, water bottles and other added necessities to help the new year transition go smoothly, this list was a task. Somehow, I was able to accomplish all of this in one weekend but it really took a toll financially on our budget.

Part of me wondered if uniforms may be a better solution to the stress of back-to-school shopping and might save money in the long run. Of course, this would mean that the boys would have to find other creative ways to express themselves.

Instead of showing personality through their style of clothes, they could choose their sneakers and bookbags to match their differences. I am sure they would probably not like having to be uniformed in clothing choices, however, this might be a way to help parents financially with all the other aspects of back-to-school saving. I can imagine that uniforms then could be hand-me-downs between the kids. Maybe this would allow for extra spending on the school fundraising that comes home (times three for us) and make back-to-school photographs more affordable when they are usually part of the first few weeks of the school year.

There are a lot of choices that we have to take into consideration when sending our kids back to school. Maybe uniforms could be helpful. I’m not sure what the answer is, however, it’s a thought. Regardless, I hope to keep supporting my boys unique character traits through their choice in sports, after school activities, haircuts and creativity in everyday life. I enjoy their different personalities and I love that they enjoy school.

Jaime Wuillermin is the copy editor and office manager for The Gazette. She can be reached at


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