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New Jersey State Troopers Mounting Unit visits Graycewyngs

Kristin Guglietti/THG

The New Jersey State Troopers Mounting Unit visited Graycewyngs on Dec. 6 before participating in the Downtown Christmas Parade. The barn behind Graycewyngs stabled New Jersey State Trooper horses from 1922-1933, which started with 10 horses. Later the state police moved their horses to Hotel Raleigh on Egg Harbor Road. Recently, the New Jersey State Troopers received three new horses donated from the Lancaster Police Department. They visited Hammonton to recreate an old photo and show off the new horses. Pictured in no order: Sergeant Michael Delgaizo with King, Detective II Samantha Fleming with Angus, New Jersey State Trooper Melissa Soucek with Jake, Mounting Unit Lead and Lieutenant William Donahue with Phantom, Sergeant Jim Laspada with Cole, Retired Captain Christine Shallcross, Sergeant Sarah Width-Sysol with Chip, Sergeant Joseph Krzaczkowski with Stripe and Lieutenant Alexandra Geoghegan with JJ pose with New Jersey State Trooper Antonio Moura-Netto, Retired Lieutenant Jerry Lewis and New Jersey State Trooper Kenny Bayer at the barn behind Graycewyngs, which stabled New Jersey State Trooper horses from 1922-1933.


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