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Pasterino: Trainer of the Stars

Courtesy Photo Celebrity trainer Stephen Pasterino works out with Dutch model and former Victoria Secret Angel Romee Strijd in February 2018.

HAMMONTON—Celebrity trainer Stephen Pasterino, 37, lives in two different worlds one in New York City and the other in his hometown in Hammonton.

Ten years ago, in his mid-20s he moved to New York City with little money working as a waiter.

Pasterino, who graduated Hammonton High School in 2005, had never worked in fitness until a roommate suggested he work at Equinox in SoHo located in the heart of Manhattan.

While Pasterino was at Equinox, he had to get CPR verification and as he was entering the elevator to take the CPR class, he met celebrity trainer Justin Gelband.

During the hour-long class, the two ended up hitting it off and Gelband asked Pasterino to come work for him.

“I ended up training underneath him and he opened a studio called modelFIT and that was in downtown Manhattan, which ended up being one of the most famous gyms in the world. We had every celebrity,” Pasterino said.

One of those celebrities was Taylor Swift before she released her 1989 album in 2014.

“One of the main things is we had Taylor Swift come in every day, every morning. I mean I was a kid from Hammonton one year later working out next to Taylor Swift on a daily basis and basically every supermodel you could think of,” Pasterino said.

Throughout his career, Pasterino has worked with numerous celebrities including American model Taylor Hill, DJ Sofi Tukker, Victoria Secret model Karlie Kloss, actress Emma Roberts and “Riverdale” actress Madelaine Petsch.

After two years of working for Gelband, Pasterino left and opened his own fitness studio down the street where he carried over most of his high-profile clients.

“I had a lot of celebrities coming through. I had a lot of Victoria Secret models, and that was what I was pretty much known for at the time. And in that year 2016 I flew to China for a Victoria Secret show,” Pasterino said.

While training Victoria Secret models, Pasterino launched his first big company called P.volve, which now has franchises all over the country and is endorsed by Jennifer Aniston.

He worked at P.volve for five years and then left the company in 2020, spent a year traveling and then in 2021 he opened a new studio called ThreeForm.

With his current business ThreeForm, Pasterino is less focused on celebrities and more focused on building his online presence.

“It’s a monthly subscription and basically I’ll work with people one-on-one. So people will sign up, I’ll give a list of what they want to focus on and what injuries they have and carve out a custom schedule for them,” Pasterino said.

To help with workouts, Pasterino invented fitness equipment including a ball that goes between legs to tone inner thighs and an arm band that tones the back of arms, shoulders, triceps and biceps.

The workouts Pasterino created involves a lot of physical therapy and functional movement that sculpts the body.

“It’s basically leaning out your legs, leaning out your mid-section, sculpting your whole body, getting ripped-up strong without putting on any kind of bulk or inflaming the body, eliminating any kind of risk of injury,” Pasterino said.

Like Hannah Montana, Pasterino gets the best of both worlds. When he’s not in New York and Hammonton, he is traveling all over the world.

“I spent a lot of time in LA. I traveled to China, which was fun. I’m actually going to China next month and expanding my company over there. I have traveled to Europe quite a few times for work and outside of that it’s just been around the country. I go to Canada a lot, Vancouver, Toronto. It’s pretty worldwide and now that I have an online community that I work with and it’s literally all over the globe,” Pasterino said.

Back in Hammonton, Pasterino said it’s the complete opposite of city life. Being in Hammonton helps keep his sanity because working with different personalities can be stressful.

“It’s just interesting because I occupy two very different worlds. One where I have my life in New York City and have a whole set group of people and my business and then I have my life here where I still just go to Casciano’s and all the restaurants and maintain and hold on to the life I’ve always had,” Pasterino said.

Most recently, Pasterino bought a house by the Hammonton lake.

“Sometimes it’s refreshing to leave that fast-paced world and come back home and take a run down the lake and be where I started again where things are calmer,” Pasterino said.

Pasterino just closed his studio in New York to take a break but is looking to open a new studio in New York and LA next year.

In 10 years, Pasterino’s goal is to stay engaged with people online, grow a global community and open fitness studios around the U.S. and Europe.

By telling his story on how he built up his career, Pasterino hopes his story will inspire others to visit New York City and start a career of their own in the land of opportunities.

“It’s easily top three city in the entire world. If not, the best city in the world. It offers so much it’s crazy, and it’s so close to Hammonton. I drive back and forth sometimes twice a week,” Pasterino said.

To learn more about ThreeForm Studio, visit and follow them on Instagram @threeformstudio.

Pasterino can also be followed on Instagram @stephenpasterino.


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