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Penny & Sage Salon new location

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Penny & Sage Salon has entered an exciting new era as owner Natalee Vitalo chose to relocate to a vibrant new space in the heart of downtown Hammonton. Now situated at 112 Bellevue Ave., Penny and Sage reopened its doors on April 8 with lots of positive improvements made since December 2023.

Founded by Vitalo in 2022, “Penny” honors her grandmother’s legacy, while “Sage” symbolizes the salon’s uplifting and nurturing atmosphere. The name reflects not only a tribute to the past but also the salon’s commitment to creating a peaceful experience for every client.

Growing up in Hammonton, she was immersed in an entrepreneurial environment shaped by her grandfather’s business “Sure Insurance,” which once operated on Vine and 2nd Streets.

Vitalo’s educational path initially led her into skincare, culminating in her licensure in 2018.

However, her desire for knowledge and diverse experiences prompted her return to school in 2019, where she graduated in hairstyling, expanding her repertoire of services.

Her transition from skincare to hairstyling was driven by a yearning for more social interaction with clients. Unlike facials, which often require a quiet and serene environment, hairstyling allows for lively conversations and deep connections.

“I feel like I can have more of a relationship with clients behind the hair chair than sitting quietly behind the chair doing facials… My clients have become a second family and it’s really cool to watch them grow at different phases. They laugh in my chair, cry in my chair, get married, have babies—I’m there for all the major life events. It’s the other family I never had,” Vitalo said.

Vitalo brings a wealth of expertise, specializing in a wide range of services from blonding, extensions, and lived in color to root touch ups, single process colors and haircuts. Special occasion like proms and weddings are also a highlight, with offering both in-salon and on-site wedding services.

With a keen eye on industry trends and techniques, Vitalo stays at the forefront of hairstyling innovation, constantly updating her skills through ongoing education and training.

Her dedication goes beyond styling; she prioritizes client education, especially regarding hair health. Clients receive personalized guidance on selecting products for salon-quality results at home, emphasizing the importance of maintaining both hair health and color vibrancy.

Each client, whether new or returning, benefits from a thorough consultation, ensuring precise and caring attention to their unique hair needs. Vitalo takes care to inquire about medical history, as medications and other factors can unknowingly affect hair health.

Along with the new location, Vitalo is rebranding the salon introducing a fresh logo, adding facial waxing and carrying the full Amika hair care line known it’s clean ingredients and pleasant scent.

Beyond beauty, Vitalo has infused her space with positive energy through practices like incorporating crystals and sage, even offering custom crystal bracelets. This holistic approach reflects her commitment to creating a sanctuary where clients leave not just looking great but feeling rejuvenated.

“The salon’s atmosphere truly sets us apart. I love the idea of my clients coming in and not feeling anxious. A lot of salons are packed with stylists, super busy—hustle and bustle, lots of talking/gossip, it can be intimidating… I just want it to be super comfortable for them. My client’s information stays between just us. I don’t double-book either,” Vitalo said.

Since the beginning, Vitalo has run a one-woman show alongside her loyal dog Milo. Now, she is ready to expand both her space and team by welcoming Sage Errera, a new stylist. It’s serendipitous that Errera’s name and personal values align with Vitalo’s, feeling like it was meant to be.

Penny & Sage Salon’s official ribbon-cutting ceremony is scheduled for this month’s Third Thursday on April 18 at 5:30 pm at the new location. Also, keep an eye out for the grand reopening event this weekend, either on Friday or Saturday. The reopening will be in a pop-up style, collaborating with small businesses to feature vendors such as permanent jewelry and small tattoos. This all-day event will include food, refreshments, a prize-spinning wheel and goodie bags for attendees.

The salon is accepting new clients and maintains a waitlist when fully booked. Explore the offered services and check availability directly on the salon’s website. Stay connected with Vitalo and the salon through engaging content and updates shared on social media platforms. Follow @pennyandsagesalon on Facebook and Instagram, and visit for bookings and more information.


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