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Perspective/Atlantic County Clerk

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After recently attending the annual Constitutional Officers Association of New Jersey (COANJ) Convention, so much updates and information was shared with the County Clerks and their staffs. So my discussion this month will center on being a Notary. Lets begin with who is eligible to become a New Jersey Notary Public?

• Age restriction : 18 years of age or older.

• A New Jersey legal resident or a resident of an adjoining state that regularly works in New Jersey or maintains an office in New Jersey.

• Clean criminal history.

How to apply to become a New Jersey Notary Public.

• Read the New Jersey Notary Public Manual which can be found at

• Complete the online Notary Public Commissioning Application which can be found at Commission

• Successfully pass the Notary Public Exam which can be found at

• Complete the online Notary Public registration application found at

Lastly the online filing fee of $25 (plus a $5 surcharge). The application must be endorsed electronically by a State Legislator before being submitted to the Department of Revenue & Enterprise Services. It should be noted that if you are an active Notary you are not required to take the Notary Public exam to renew your commission. The only requirement is to submit a Notary Renewal application, along with you $25 filing fee plus the surcharge of $5. Please note that if you Notary Commission has been expired for more than 30 days you will then be considered a new Notary applicant and go through the entire process. So if you are a Notary be careful to watch your expiration.

After you are done with all of the above you then need to do your Oath. Within three months of the receipt of an initial or renewed commission, the Notary Public sha;; take and subscribe an oath before the County Clerk. New Jersey residents shall take the oath in the county in which they reside. For non-New Jersey residents you must take your oath before the County Clerk where the nonresident

Notary Public maintains their office or the county in which they are employed or the primary place of business is located. By taking the oath, you swear to faithfully and honestly discharge the duties of the office and make and keep a true record of all such matters as are required by law.

Are there any Notary Public Prohibitions? The simple answer is yes. A Notary Public may not perform a notarial act with respect to a Record to which the officer or the officer’s spouse or civil union partner is a party, or in which either of them has a direct beneficial Interest. So always use your best judgement and no you cannot notarize your own work.

As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact the Atlantic County Clerk’s Office at (609) 625-4011.

Joseph J. Giralo

Atlantic County Clerk

Mays Landing, N.J.


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