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Perspective/The Joy of Travel

It’s incredible to reflect on my journey from walking into my first travel agency job without owning a passport to now having visited 11 countries in just 10 years.

Initially, I viewed travel as a luxury, something reserved for retirement. However, these past years have revealed to me what I’d been missing all along—a chance to discover myself through exploration.

Traveling with friends, family, colleagues or even solo has been an eye-opening experience.

In Mexico, I conquered my fear of heights by rappelling down a 75-foot tower. In St. Lucia, indulging in a mud bath next to a volcano awakened my senses in ways I never imagined.

Turks and Caicos showed me my youngest son’s love for the ocean, and witnessing my kids’ joy playing beach volleyball in Punta Cana was a lesson in true happiness. Each destination taught me something new, whether it was the historical significance of the USS Arizona in Hawaii or the visible scars of World War II in Budapest.

Through my role as a travel agent, I’ve come to realize that it’s not just about helping people take a vacation—it’s about being a part of their journey, their lessons, and their memories of the world.

Opening Kelly Loder Travel in 2020 was truly a dream realized. Over the years, we’ve grown from a small operation to a team of 15 exceptional travel agents spread across the United States. Winning the Gold award for Best Travel Agency three consecutive years in the Press of Atlantic City has been a testament to our dedication and passion for providing outstanding service in the travel industry.

As a Trustee with the Hammonton Chamber of Commerce and a board member with the South Jersey Network, I’ve had the privilege of playing a significant role in both economic development initiatives and charitable endeavors. We believe in giving back to the community that has supported us, and we’re dedicated to making a positive impact wherever we can.

I can’t wait to help more people in my community realize their travel dreams. And the best part —since I’m paid by the supplier—my services to you are absolutely free. Please contact me for your next adventure at (609) 561-6509 or

Kelly Loder


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