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Police nab mailbox bandits

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HAMMONTON—More than 90 counts are expected in the recent thefts tied to Hammonton mailboxes and those in surrounding communities. Police have been focused on the series of mail box break ins for several weeks. Recently investigations into the case have led to two arrests and one pending arrest.

On June 13, Tahir Sanders, 25, of Camden and an associate Twaeson Watts, 27, of Sewell were arrested. A joint effort between the Hammonton Police Department and the United States Postal Inspectors Office led to the arrests.

Edgar Coleman, 28, of Sicklerville was also charged in the investigation process on multiple counts of theft of moveable property. Coleman had not been arrested at the time of this report.

Sanders has been charged with theft of movable property, theft by deception and money laundering. He was arrested in the city of Camden by Corporal Christopher Henshaw and Detective John Amendolia. Saunders was lodged in the Atlanta County Justice Facility pending a bail hearing.

Watts was charged with multiple counts of theft of movable property, theft by deception and money laundering. He was arrested by the U.S. Marshall Service on the June 17 for a violation of parole by being charged with this incident.

Coleman has been charged with theft of movable property. The arrests and pending arrest stem from the President’s Day weekend theft of mail from the United States postal box on Peach Street near Third Street.

Hammonton Police Chief Kevin Friel credits the arrests to “very diligent investigation headed by Corporal Christopher Henshaw that has led to the charges and subsequent arrests.”

“And we believe at this time that we have put the lid on the mailbox theft,” Friel said.

The trio had been suspected of conducting similar thefts in the neighboring communities.

“Yes, they are possibly involved in other neighboring communities as well,” Friel said.

“Henshaw did a fabulous job. He was very tenacious with following every lead that he could and using every ability that law enforcement has to obtain information. So he dotted every I and crossed every T.”

This report is comprised of arrests and investigations made by the men and women of local enforcement. All suspects and arrested are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


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