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Summer in Hammonton: A farmer’s family perspective

As the nights grow longer and the weather warms up, our home becomes a hive of activity. This time of year, just before summer officially begins, is both eagerly anticipated and exhausting. Our schedules fill up quickly after the spring school and sports season winds down. Summer break for my kids starts in two weeks, and they already have the summer itch.

They stay outside until dusk, playing whiffle ball, spraying each other with the hose, and breaking out the slip ‘n slide. Their sun-kissed skin is already showing the signs of summer tans.

Weekends are packed with pool gatherings, fishing trips and the excitement of the upcoming flag football season. My husband, a dedicated vegetable farmer, is busy from dawn to dusk, planting and planning the crops for the season. Fields of tomatoes, cabbage, corn and peppers are taking shape, soon to be enjoyed by all. There’s something special about summer and sunshine, bringing real joy to our lives each year.

One of the highlights this summer is my daughter’s upcoming celebration of marriage. I’m grateful to live in a town like Hammonton, where I can ride my bike to work and enjoy the community’s many summer events. Hammonton offers so much for families and friends to gather and celebrate the bountiful harvests of our local farmers.

Blueberries are ready for picking nearby, and farm markets are bustling. The local green market will open soon, and summer camps are filling up.

Trips to the beach are on the horizon, and I can’t wait for those sunny days. The Hammonton Swim Club is open, providing a perfect spot for cooling off. Growing up, I never dreamed life could be this rewarding. Our town is rich with opportunities to engage with the community, from church events to festivals, parades, MainStreet’s Third Thursdays, and numerous sports activities.

Staying connected is easy with a great local newspaper that showcases and highlights all our local events and games. It keeps us informed about everything our town offers. Another exciting event is the highly anticipated Hammy Awards, where local businesses and individuals receive recognition for their contributions to our community. It’s always thrilling to see who the town has voted for and celebrate their achievements.

Hammonton thrives on community spirit, and the start of summer is the perfect time to celebrate and appreciate those around us. Let’s keep our community alive, stay connected and enjoy a fantastic summer season together!

Jaime Wuillermin is the copy editor and office manager for The Hammonton Gazette. She can be reached at


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