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‘The Pass’ – A Gateway to Open Communication with Kids

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Raising kids isn’t new to me; my daughter, Lindsey, is approaching 26 this year. Yet, it was during the years of our evolving mother-daughter relationship that a simple idea became an invaluable tool. This idea stemmed from our talks when Lindsey was in grade two or three.

There were many moments when she’d come home with questions, sparked by school discussions or conversations with friends, seeking clarity and understanding. Luckily, she felt comfortable coming to me.

I vividly recall those times when Lindsey would share snippets of her day, watching my reactions closely to gauge the truth, safety or my opinion on matters.

Sometimes, my responses didn’t meet her expectations, leading to eye rolls and sighs. As she grew older, her questions became more complex and the issues she faced more challenging to discuss.

One day, she approached me, expressing a need to voice her thoughts without expecting a response. That’s when the idea of “The Pass” was born.

The Pass meant Lindsey could share anything on her mind, and I would simply listen, without judgment or interference.

Admittedly, it wasn’t easy. There were moments when holding back my opinions was incredibly difficult. Yet, being her trusted confidante was worth it.

With The Pass, Lindsey felt safe to discuss anything, knowing she wouldn’t be judged or misunderstood.

Over the years, there were instances where I had to bite my tongue or navigate conversations skillfully to guide her towards the right conclusions, but having The Pass meant she could trust me with her innermost thoughts and concerns.

Now, as my boys navigate their own journeys in grades two, four and six, I’ve armed them with The Pass too. Boys, just like girls, need a safe space to express themselves openly without fear of parental judgment.

My confidence in their choices stems from the life lessons we impart and the faith-based guidance they receive. If The Pass has helped us, I’m sure it can benefit others, too.

Open communication between parent and child is paramount, and The Pass is a simple yet powerful tool in fostering that bond. If you find value in it, please share it with others. After all, there’s nothing more important than keeping the lines of communication open with our children.

Jaime Wuillermin is the copy editor and office manager for The Hammonton Gazette. She can be reached at


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