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The ‘Spirit’ of Hammonton is alive and well

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Navigating the vast sea of data, opinions, and information online can be overwhelming, but amidst this digital deluge, there are gems worth discovering. Take, for instance, the world of online food and beverage critiques. While many self-proclaimed experts flood social media with their often uninformed negativity, there are those whose insights elevate the discourse.

One such example is a recent article from, a platform established in 2008 by a team of dedicated editors and freelancers passionate about catering to modern food and drink enthusiasts. In a recent piece, Julia Collins from Haddonfield, N.J., highlighted some of the finest wineries in New Jersey, drawing attention to the craftsmanship and dedication of local vintners.

While the subjective nature of such reviews is undeniable, it’s heartening to see local establishments like White Horse Winery, Tomasello Winery, and neighboring Renault Winery & Resort earn well-deserved recognition. Criteria such as seating availability often shape these lists, showcasing a variety of experiences for wine enthusiasts.

Similarly,’s inclusion of Sharrott Winery in their top 15 New Jersey wineries underscores the diversity and quality of offerings in the region. The recent 18th annual wine tasting event hosted by Hammonton’s Rotary Club further celebrated the town’s rich wine culture, featuring a delightful array of wines from independent craftsman.

Whether acknowledged online or at local events, these accolades serve as a testament to the passion and dedication of those shaping the wine scene in Hammonton. While lists and rankings have their place, residents need no validation to appreciate the culinary and oenological delights our town offers.

Here’s to the artisans and connoisseurs who enrich our lives with a spectrum of wines, from the cozy corners of local establishments to the community gatherings that celebrate their craft. In Hammonton, the flavor journey is as rich and diverse as the wines themselves, and that’s something worth raising a glass to. Cheers to the spirit of discovery and appreciation that fuels our gastronomic adventures!


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