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Wrap your vehicle at TSD Motorsports

Kristin Guglietti/THG Left to right: Lead Wrap Installer Leo Martinez, Lead Tech Reese Giannini, Owner Cliff Kaelin and Operations Manager Chris Walmsley stand next to a car in Gloss Metallic Billionaire Green at TSD Motorsports. Not pictured: Owner Pete D’Amico.

Cliff Kaelin and Pete D’Amico, owners of TSD Motorsports who met at Rowan University studying electrical engineering, have a passion for cars.

The “TSD” in TSD Motorsports stands for “The Sundae Drive,” which is a nod to the YouTube channel they created, which has over 57,000 subscribers.

The YouTube channel aims to provide how-to videos to help the automotive community as well as other fun videos.

TSD Motorsports current location opened a couple years ago at 225 Broadway. When they first opened in 2020, they used to be located on the White Horse Pike.

“We started this shop because we wanted to do more vinyl wrapping and paint protection film or PPF and ceramic coating and things like that,” Kaelin said.

TSD Motorsports is an EVOLV pro dealer that sells Italian based wrap film.

“There’s only two pro dealers in New Jersey and we’re one of the two. Basically vinyl wrapping is kind of like putting a sticker on your car. It’s going to help it hold up a little better and mostly for aesthetics, change the look of the car,” Kaelin said.

There are several different wraps in many colors and finishes to choose from including gloss, satin or matte.

According to Kaelin, one customer is having their Mustang wrapped in pink with Louis Vuitton symbols inside the door jams.

Typically during a consultation, customers will look at samples and work with the design team to figure out what they want their vehicle to look like.

Depending on how complicated the wrap job is, it could take a day to a week to finish.

One of Kaelin’s favorite wrap jobs was an eggplant purple wrap on a 2023 G87 BMW M2, which was featured on

“We did door jams, under his hood; we did everything on that car in a really cool purple color. Absolutely loved how that turned out,” Kaelin said.

EVOLV also has a gemstone collection that adds a lot of depth to the wrap so it almost looks like paint.

The paint protection film (PPF) is a clear film used to protect vehicles from rock chips, scratches, shopping carts and other types of damages.

They can also do commercial wrapping for businesses.

“That’s something we’re starting to get more into. It started with a color change, but we’re working on doing more commercial wraps as well,” Kaelin said.

According to Kaelin, the EVOLV wraps will usually last six to eight years.

Besides wrapping cars, TSD Motorsports also does retrofits such as adding Apple CarPlay and reverse cameras. The team also offers services to improve the performance of vehicles.

The two college friends, Kaelin who lives in Malaga and D’Amico who lives in Mays Landing, chose to put their business in Hammonton because of the central location.

“I go to church at Victory Bible. I have a lot of friends that live in town here, and it’s a nice central location,” Kaelin said.

For more information about TSD Motorsports visit call (609)736-0127, visit and follow them on Facebook and Instagram @tsdmotorsports.

For more information about The Sundae Drive, subscribe to their YouTube channel.


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