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Artistry by Sandra offers bridal makeup

Mohammed Fuad/THG Artistry by Sandra owner Sandra Capaccio and her dog, Boone.

Artistry by Sandra is a bridal makeup artistry business that specializes in bridal and special occasion makeup. It is a one-person team with owner Sandra Capaccio being the primary makeup artist, as well as having assistance from several of Capaccio’s artist friends if Capaccio needs a second artist.

Artistry by Sandra offers services of makeup artistry, where the makeup comes with a full skin prep before the makeup application. Capaccio offers a consultation on what the client is looking for during the application process and answers any questions a client may have.

Constant communication is her number one selling point for the business. Capaccio will always be in constant communication from the time a client reaches out on inquiries to after the wedding when she congratulates them.

“That can include you coming to my studio for a preview and then once we discuss exactly what you’re looking for, it’ll be a couple months after that preview that it will be your wedding day. I come to your venue or wherever you’re getting ready,” Capaccio said.

Capaccio has been doing makeup for 10-plus years, starting right out of high school and being self-taught through YouTube. After graduating from Rizzieri Aveda School of Beauty and Wellness in 2013, Capaccio worked at a spa and then became a certified esthetician.

After getting her license in esthetics from the New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling, Capaccio worked for Sephora in 2016, an experience that taught Capaccio about the beauty industry.

Capaccio then was promoted to teaching classes on esthetics and went to California to learn how to teach classes. She learned how to connect with a client on a more facilitator level instead of one-on-one.

“I really do owe a lot of my business practices and clientele connection to Sephora because without that training, I really don’t know if I would have kept my business going because it was a lot harder to connect through the whole COVID and pandemic with clients,” Capaccio said.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Capaccio worked a full-time job at a union, a job that had nothing to do with makeup. Capaccio knew she had to pivot her journey due to not being able to work closely, or inches away, from people due to restrictions.

When restrictions were lifted, Capaccio started freelancing by going to client’s houses and venues and doing makeup on the bridesmaids and then the bride. She learned that despite taking a different direction in her makeup journey due to COVID-19 restrictions, she still had her loyal clients waiting for her, which prompted her to open her studio in 2021 after acquiring her LLC.

“It was really nice to see that even though I took a small hiatus from doing makeup, that there were people who still waited for me, so that was amazing,” Capaccio said. “The town of Hammonton has a lot of loyal people and once they find you, they never leave you. It was really good. It was a surprising and very happy moment for me to know that I wasn’t forgotten about.”

She will also be offering classes at the studios, although details are still to be determined. She wants to help a lot of people, especially daughters in town, for those who are looking for a consistent makeup routine

Capaccio loves being her own boss after working for several corporations and businesses with different policies and procedures. Owning a business allows her to dictate what she wants to do, the clientele and the energy. The business is also LGBTQ and woman-owned as she wants to create a safe space as she is diversity-trained.

You will never not know what my business stands for and what I want to show people. Working for bigger corporations, it was really hard for me to kind of stand out and say ‘no, I actually don’t agree with what the corporation wants me to do’ so it’s really nice as a business owner to be able to just represent myself in the most genuinely that possibly can in the most transparent way,” Capaccio said.

Artistry by Sandra is located in Simply Salon Suites and bridal inquiries can be made through under Bridal Inquiries. You can also follow them on social media @artistrybysandrallc on Instagram and Artistry by Sandra on Facebook.


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