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Home for sale at 436 Peach Street

THG/Mohammed Fuad. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940. This house at 436 Peach Street comes with a big sunroom and is located in a peaceful neighborhood.

A newly-remodeled 1,960 square foot home is available on 436 Peach Street. This three-bedroom and two-bathroom home has a variety of perks that will make this the perfect place for a couple just starting their lives or raising a small family. It comes with a unique backyard, a quiet neighborhood and plenty of space that makes it feel like home.

The living room of the house is very spacious where it can fit so many people. Plenty of furniture can be placed and it also comes with a fireplace. There is a deck by the fireplace for entertainment and is surrounded by big storage cabinets.

Behind the living room area are the two bedrooms. The master bedroom is very spacious and has one small area that extends to the room and that is located on one end of the hallway while the other end is the second bedroom, with the bathroom in between both bedrooms.

The front door of the house leads to the sunroom, which gives a beautiful view of the Peach Street neighborhood and it also includes a closet.

The back of the house contains the kitchen, which leads to the backyard area. The kitchen is very spacious where you can also include a dining table to add to the family feel. The backyard has an extended driveway that leads to the front yard and it comes with a concrete ground and a basketball hoop. Within that vicinity is a building that appears to be a combination of both a garage and shed. The front yard is pretty wide and the front part of the house includes a small porch where you can put a chair and table and relax.

The kitchen also leads below to the basement which, like the living room, includes a fireplace.

The basement includes two rooms, where both rooms can be used as either an extra bedroom or an office space. The basement can also be used as a man cave or den, something that provides a space of comfort and peace. The utility room is next door, where it can be used as a laundry room as well as extra space for storage.

The second floor of the house is unique and there isn’t a lot of head room since it’s close to the top of the roof so if you’re a tall person, this can be a hit or miss depending on whether you hit your head or not. The second floor contains the third bedroom and has plenty of space where it doesn’t have to be used as a bedroom but can also be used as an extra office.

The home is located in a quiet neighborhood and it is within walking distance of Saint Joseph Academy as well as town hall and the downtown area. It will be convenient when the weather starts to get warm and you get to experience the liveliness of the downtown area.

The listing price for the house is still to be determined but is garnering plenty of interest. For those interested or have any questions can contact Rick Mauriello of RE/MAX Community-Williamstown at (609) 352- 9476.


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