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Michael Long talks life as a realtor

THG/Mohammed Fuad. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940. Michael Long will always look out for his clients’ best interests in mind and enjoys the relationships with his mentors, colleagues and clients.

Michael Long is a Hammonton resident who is also a real estate agent in the area, working for Re/Max Community Williamstown. What made Long become a real estate agent was that he was looking for flexibility in his schedule as well as a career that had no limit in regards to how much income he can make.

“If I work harder, I can make more income and that there’s no limits to that and also, I just needed something with a little bit more flexibility in the schedule so that’s kind of why I went into real estate,” Long said.

Prior to working in real estate, Long lived in Los Angeles (L.A.) and worked in the film and television industry as an actor and producer. Growing up in Hammonton and later moving to L.A., the lifestyle and location was different as opposed to the town but Long enjoyed the experience.

“It was a completely different realm since I grew up in Hammonton so it was a completely different lifestyle and location but it was really interesting,” Long said.

After moving back to Hammonton, he became a realtor and started working with Re/Max Community in August 2018. What Long has enjoyed being a realtor is the challenge that every transaction brings as well as the people that he’s had the opportunity to work with.

“Every transaction is a different challenge or circumstance. Every deal is completely different and that you’re always learning. I also really enjoy the people that I work with like my clients, coworkers and my mentors that have taught me everything,” Long said.

Long noted that there are going to be ups and downs when working as a realtor. While something may not go the way that one wants it to go, Long encourages realtors, especially new ones, to not feel discouraged when things aren’t expected to go the way you want it to be.

“You have to ride the wave because there’s always going to be ups and downs but somehow, everything kind of works itself out. You can’t let yourself get discouraged like if something doesn’t work out or something doesn’t happen, everything will work out and you just have to harp on not letting yourself get discouraged if something doesn’t go the way you expected it to go,” Long said.

When it comes to people looking to buy a house, Long has always made it a point to have his clients’ interests in mind as well as being on top of everything and always being there, whether it’s being by his phone or in the office.

“I’ll always be there and I’ll always have my clients’ interests in mind, I’ll be hard working for you and whatever I have to do to help get the deal done, I will do so,” Long said.

Long also praised his mentors from Re/Max Community, Rick Mauriello and Dave Birnbaum, for teaching him everything and guided him in ways that have helped him become successful in his real estate career and to be the best realtor he can be for others.

For anyone that is looking to purchase a house can reach out to Michael Long of Re/Max Community Williamstown at (609) 513-3478 or the office at (856) 318-2313. You can also email Long at


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