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The love of real estate with realtor Marcy Kurz

Courtesy Photo Marcy Kurz (far right) poses with Allied Mortgage lender Dominick Lombardo (far left) and buyers Julianna Colon and Garry Bright (both center).

Marcy Kurz is a real estate agent for Joe Wiessner Realty and loves to talk about all things real estate. Prior to becoming a realtor, Kurz first started out as an assistant to Joe Wiessner, who is the owner and broker for the company. Kurz was an assistant for about two years and with the knowledge that she acquired, she decided to pursue her real estate license as she felt that was the next logical step.

After becoming a realtor, Kurz loved everything about the industry, including the clients, helping them with the buying and selling process and the process that comes with helping a clients’ dream come true that makes it more rewarding for her.

“I loved all the aspects of real estate, especially the interaction with clients. There’s no better feeling than helping people navigate the buying and selling process. Whether it’s a buyer achieving that first time home purchase, to helping a growing family upsize or helping a family sell the home they raised their family in and now wants to downsize. I view real estate as a very personal process with many emotions involved,” Kurz said.

Before working as a realtor full-time, Kurz was a proud stay-at-home mother as she took care of her two sons, Brian and Landon, who are now 18 and 20 years old, respectively. Her career as a realtor allowed her to have some flexibility for their school and sports schedules, which she considered important to her.

While Kurz believes that being a realtor is a rewarding job, she admitted that it isn’t always easy as it looks as a lot goes on to get to the closing process a little difficult at times. Kurz advises aspiring realtors that they need to be patient as the real estate market experiences some highs and lows.

“My advice to anyone thinking about becoming a realtor is it’s not as easy as it looks. A good agent makes it look easy but a lot goes on behind the scenes to get your clients to the closing table. Make sure you have patience and determination because you need to be able to adjust to the highs and lows of the market,” Kurz said.

As a realtor, Kurz doesn’t look at it as just “selling houses.” She takes pride in her work as she works with each client and making sure to give them the best possible experience they can get while her clients can be at peace, knowing they made the right choice in buying the home.

“When someone contacts me to be their agent, I consider that an honor. So they are guaranteed that I will work as hard as possible for them. I give it my all and I pride myself on that. As a full-time realtor, I’m not selling just “houses.” I’m selling a place that people will create lifelong memories in, a place that provides peace and safety, a place that is also a financial investment into their future. It’s such an important event in someone’s life and I love that I get to be a part of making that happen,” Kurz said.

Kurz also would like clients to reach out to her if they’re interested in purchasing a house from her and will go out of her way to inform her clients of the current market rate as she believes her clients should be aware of it.

“If you are someone who is thinking about taking that step to buy or sell, give me a call and we can meet for coffee or just have a casual phone conversation about what is happening in the market currently,” Kurz said.

Marcy Kurz is a real estate agent for Joe Wiessner Realty and if interested in purchasing from her, you can contact Kurz at her office phone at (609) 561-1010 or her cell phone at (856) 261-1142 and her email address at


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