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Beautiful home on Centennial Dr.

This beautiful home, located at 88 Centennial Dr., is priced at $349,500 and is available through Tino Catania of Vylla Home. (THG/Joseph F. Berenato. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940.)

There is a gorgeous house for sale in one of Hammonton’s most desirable neighborhoods.

Located at 88 Centennial Dr., this three-bedroom, three-bathroom home boasts 1,876 feet of comfort and style.

With one step through the front door, prospective homebuyers can immediately see the potential that awaits them.

Right inside the door is a small foyer that serves as a directional nexus to all parts of the house.

To the left is a doorway—outfitted by dazzling, white columns—that leads to the front room. This room is ideally suited as a formal dining room; the centrally located chandelier is situated in just the right place to provide illumination for tables and chairs of all sizes.

A similar doorway brings visitors to the spacious area in the back of the home that serves as the living room. There is a beautiful fireplace on the left wall, above which is the perfect location to mount a television.

The living room leads directly into the kitchen, complete with tile floors and cabinets galore. These cabinets are a light woodgrain, offset by dark hardware that perfectly matches the countertops. Additionally, a center island provides a great place for light meals.

Next to the kitchen is a small hallway that provides access to several utility areas.

The first of these, to the right, is a door leading to the home’s two-car garage. The second is the laundry room, which also has cabinets and large shelves for cleaning products and other necessities. Next to the laundry room is the downstairs bathroom.

This hallway also contains a decently-sized closet that can easily function as a linen closet or a pantry.

Just off the kitchen is the stairwell to the basement. Half of this area is fully finished, with carpeting and recessed lighting. The other half, behind a door, is unfinished but fully insulated.

From the kitchen is another hallway leading back to the foyer. The floor here is a stunning hardwood that also continues through the dining room and back to the living room.

The foyer is where visitors may find the carpeted stairwell—with wooden bannister—to the second floor, where the bedrooms and the remaining bathrooms are situated.

The first bedroom, to the right, is a larger chamber, complete with two closets, each with sliding doors.

Next to the bedroom is the first bathroom. This has a tiled shower/tub combo, as well as a large bathroom counter. Above the counter is a similarly sized mirror, and the adjacent wall has a separate medicine cabinet.

Additionally, behind that cabinet, the linen closet may be found.

The second bedroom is next to the bathroom; it is slightly smaller than the first, and has a single closet.

The third bedroom—the master—is at the end of a short hallway. This is a massive chamber, complete with a small nook that is ideal for a dressing table, and a large walk-in closet.

The third bathroom may be found here, and it is a sight to behold. This room features both a jetted tub and a separate, tiled shower, bedecked in beautiful tile.

This house—which also has an ample back yard and a deck—is ideal for families of all kinds. It is priced at $349,500 and is available through Tino Catania of Vylla Home.

For more information, call (609) 338-3155.


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