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Classes that make exercise fun

Group classes can be a great way to keep individuals engaged with their fitness routines. (Courtesy Photo)

Some people find the best way to get in shape is to do so alongside another person. Group classes can provide the inspiration, variety and fun needed to keep fitness enthusiasts engaged. Some are offered by traditional gyms while others may be found at specialty fitness facilities.

Regular exercise is essential to good health, and these classes can add a spark to workouts.

Spin class: Spin classes have been around for some time and have long been a trendy group exercise. Many health clubs offer spin classes in their facilities. Spinning may be easier on the joints than other exercises due to the smooth rotary motion of the stationary bikes. Resistance can make the exercise harder and simulate riding uphill outdoors.

Trampoline classes: Sometimes referred to as “SkyRobics,” trampoline classes take place in trampoline recreation centers or specialized trampoline training centers. NASA states that 10 minutes of bouncing on the trampoline is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging. Bouncing around also can help adults feel young again.

Surfing/yoga meld: These classes focus on getting into yoga positions on an unstable board. Boards may be balanced on three stability boards, and the body has to work to support muscles while exercising, resulting in a leaner look.

Barre class: Barre borrows techniques from ballet training to help sculp the body with a focus on toning the legs, glutes and core.

Dance class: Many exercise classes are built around dancing. While Zumba may be the best known, burlesque dancing, Bollywood dancing and tap dancing to get in shape are all growing in popularity.


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