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Deputy journalists from Sooy

The Hammonton Gazette’s Publisher Gabe Donio and Editor-in-Chief Gina Rullo were invited to work with fourth grade enrichment students at the Warren E. Sooy Jr. Elementary School.

Donio and Rullo met with the students, taught by Renee Clark, Joe Martino, Mea Lupinetti and Kristin Cavalucci to discuss journalism and how to write articles for newspapers. They also edited the students’ work.

More articles will be printed in next week’s edition (June 8, 2022 print/digital edition).

Playing field hockey

by Brynn Riley Gribbin

Gazette Contributing Writer

Courtesy Photo

A great sport for girls is field hockey. Here in Hammonton, we have our own league called Stick Chix. The league is run by volunteer coaches and parents. Field hockey teaches girls many things.

First, field hockey is a good form of exercise. You will be sure to do a lot of running and moving around. It helps your hand-eye coordination, is good cardio and improves agility.

Second, field hockey allows you to make new friends. Girls that sign up to play find themselves becoming very best friends because they share similar interests and because we are constantly communicating with one another.

Third, field hockey gives you self-confidence. It helps you to feel good about yourself if you score a goal, block a goal, make a good play or when your team wins a game. These are all ways that could give you self-confidence.

Field hockey practice incorporates many team building activities and games that help to bring teammates closer together and it also teaches us how to communicate in games with one another. It also helps create great memories.

Sarah Gribbin played field hockey in high school and she agrees.

“Some of my best memories of high school and with my friends were on the field hockey field on the corner of North Liberty Street and Fairview Avenue,” Gribbin said. “Especially our magical 1996 season when we made it to the State Finals and finished second in the State in Group 2 [only losing in overtime]!”

There is, however, a problem. Stick Chix play all of their games on a turf field but only have grass fields available for our use in Hammonton. They cannot practice on a turf field, which makes it harder to prepare for a game. They also cannot host any games so all of our games are away games. Hopefully one day there will be a turf field in Hammonton for the Stick Chix to use!

To sum it all up, field hockey is one of the best team sports available for girls! Practice usually starts in August and games are played in September and October. You should come check out a game sometime!

Hammonton Hogwarts

by Ivy Enders

Gazette Contributing Writer

Courtesy Photo

You may not think of Hammonton as a magical place full of witchcraft and wizardry, but every Monday night a group of young non-muggles gathers downtown at Con-Vivir Wellness Hub. Hammonton Hogwarts is a free Harry Potter club where children from fourth through eighth grade read and make crafts.

The club began in March of 2021 when a group of kids realized that they didn’t have any activities due to COVID-19. The kids all happened to love Harry Potter and thought that they should do something. Two moms, Jennifer Enders and Sarah Thompson, noticed this and volunteered to help the group.

“Starting the Harry Potter club here in town was such an important thing for my kids when so many activities were shut down during COVID-19, especially. It’s such a great way for the kids to be able to connect around similar interests and it’s exciting to see the group of kids grow and stay for over a year now. I’m grateful for the beautiful space we were able to use at Con-Vivir Wellness Hub downtown, for the support of the parents and enthusiasm of the kids to be a part of an interactive book club like this. We hope it’s something that can continue for a long time,” Thompson said.

This fun filled club takes place from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. every Monday night. Each week about 10 witches and wizards gather. Once the whole club arrives, the students read one chapter of the Harry Potter books and discuss their favorite parts and how it compares to the movies. They also create a craft that goes along with the events or highlights of the chapter. Some of the best crafts that this club has created includes, Harry Potter wands, paper mache sorting hats, potions, growing mandrake roots, launching golden snitches with a catapult and Hammonton Hogwarts T-shirts customized with their names.

Hammonton Hogwarts is now in book three of the Harry Potter series. So far everyone has seemed to love reading the books and coming to the club.

When the witches and wizards arrived, they are so happy to socialize while reading and being creative.

“Every time I go to Hammonton Hogwarts I’m so happy to see my friends and read my favorite books,” Arthur Enders said.

Con-Vivir Wellness Hub Allies In Caring’s founder and CEO Ivette Guillermo-McGahee has helped the group make this club possible and to keep it going by providing a great meeting space. Her efforts are appreciated.

Hammonton Hogwarts is always welcoming new members to the Harry Potter club. For more information, you can request to join the Hammonton Hogwarts Facebook group.

Hammonton Youth Soccer League 2011

by Alex Winneberger

Gazette Contributing Writer

Hammonton Heat is a youth soccer league in the town of Hammonton. The teams are divided into birth years. The boys 2011 team is making a comeback this season. In the 2021 fall season, the team lost all but two games. The team played well and they put up a good fight all season despite only winning the last two games.

The team regrouped for the spring season of 2022 where some players from the 2012 team joined the 2011 team. The first game went well. They won 5 to 0. It was an awesome first game and the next game they won 9 to 0. The team went on to tie two games so far this season and won the rest.

“It’s great to see how well the boys are playing this season, they seem to be having so much fun too,” Katie Winneberger, parent of No. 22 Alex Winneberger said.

The games are almost through this season with only three games remaining to play. We anticipate the team will end strong after this season hopefully winning the next three games. The players from the 2012 team will be returning to their home team in the fall, however, we look forward to a great 2022 fall season with the Hammonton Heat boys 2011 team.

Kids want a skate park in Hammonton

by Caleb Branin

Gazette Contributing Writer

Have you ever seen someone skating in the streets, at a shopping center or at a school? That’s because there isn’t a skate park in Hammonton, but people have been wanting one.

People worry that if there isn’t a skate park, there will be nowhere kids can safely practice this sport. Without a safe spot to skate, kids could get into trouble, get hurt or possibly do bad things. However, with a skate park kids wouldn’t be getting into trouble or doing bad things, they would be gathered together doing tricks, helping each other with tricks and shredding. They would also be surrounded by a skating community.

With a skate park kids could progress quickly. People would not give up since they can ask for help in person. When skaters are around other people, they can make new friends and impress them. For example, if you are not ollieing correctly or have trouble landing it, other skaters can give you trick tips.

With a skate park, kids can skate more. Kids would skate more since we have smooth ground, which is helpful because people will not ride over pebbles and fall. Exciting obstacles like rails, ledges, manual pads, ramps, stair sets and handrails are also another reason why a skate park would be needed in Hammonton.

What do you think other kids think about skateboarding? Do they love it? Do they hate it? Warren E. Sooy Jr. Elementary School student Joey DeStasio commented.

“It’s a fun way to travel, and there are fun and cool tricks you can do at skate parks,” DeStasio said.

This shows that kids in Hammonton like to skateboard and need a safe place to do so.

Sam Seitles, a well respected educator from READ Preschool in Hammonton, skateboards. He brought up a lot of important life skills that can come from skateboarding.

“Skate parks provide children with life skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. Oftentimes, a skate park is the first time a child gets to express themselves through skating, performing tricks and accomplishing great feats. Not only is skating a sport, but it is also an art form. Moments of great success on the skate park can lead to great feelings of confidence and fulfillment after hard work and a lot of failure. Furthermore, skate parks teach kids the value of getting knocked down, only to get back up and try again. A vital skill they will need in their adult life. This is what makes success in the park so valuable and special. Nothing with skating comes easy, but through hard work and determination, kids have the opportunity to succeed at something they failed at over and over, and they get to do it in front of their cheering peers. Skate parks are spaces where kids get to socialize, overcome fears, create art and have an awesome time while doing it,” Seitles said.

As you can see, this educator feels the importance of a skate park in Hammonton. If you want to get additional information about a skate park in Hammonton, visit

EAT: New place in town

by Tommaso Hroncich

Gazette Contributing Writer

Courtesy Photo

Attention all baseball players! There’s a new place in town! Do you play baseball down at the lake? Are you struggling to hit at the plate? Well, then there is a place for that right here! He has only two initials—LT. His place is called Elite Athletic Training or EAT for short. LT Struble is the owner of EAT, a new baseball training facility in Hammonton. Struble is kind, funny and extremely helpful. Athletes can attend his sessions. The place is pretty big and it is located at the former Bounce House on the White Horse Pike. Inside, there is a gym in the back and a batting cage, too. In the front, it is really big with one batting cage. This is where players can practice hitting, fielding, pitching or learn how to throw a baseball.

One reason why athletes should go there is because they can improve their baseball skills and become a better player. They can focus on the mechanics of their swing. They can tell him what they are doing wrong and then he will help to adjust the swing. Baseball player, Nico Hroncich has been hitting with LT for two years now.

“I have been doing well in my games and I think LT is the reason why,” Nico Hroncich said.

This can be the start of developing in the game also.

Another reason young baseball players should think about attending a session with Struble is to build up their confidence and self-esteem. Confidence is the key to the game. Struble can help struggling hitters. Many baseball players hit well at practice, but then struggle during game time. This is a common problem. Struble can help with the repetition of hitting and eventually that will pour over into game time.

Continuing, Struble also offers lifting and working out sessions in his gym. Many athletes, not necessarily just baseball players, go there to lift and gain muscle. One athlete, PJ Hroncich, lifts there often.

“The group that I work out with pushes each other to their limit. We really enjoy our time there,” PJ Hroncich said.

Struble trains all age groups and works to their ability to build them up.

The last reason is that many athletes make lasting friendships at the gym. Students can talk at school or at the game and discuss how they go there and what they do with Struble. They form friendships because of their common interests in the game and improving. Even if these athletes do not go on to play when they get older, they still will have the friendships that last a lifetime.

Finally, everyone should check out this facility. This can help improve skills, build confidence, gain muscle, but most importantly form friendships that last through the years.

A trip to Royale Crown

by Olivia Chiola

Gazette Contributing Writer

Have you ever felt like you’ve just had a long, hard day at school and want it to be summer break already? Do you know the feeling of being impatient waiting for the awesome activities that are returning to our school, like the Color Run? Well, if you experience these levels of impatience, then you know the feeling that is connected to experiencing the first warm waves of spring, and the town’s beloved Royale Crown has yet to open!

Royale Crown was established in 1953, and it’s been serving the most delicious custard and ice cream ever since. It is not just about their flavorful food, but it is also about their sweet and sensationally textured water ice, creamy custard, outstanding gourmet milkshakes, and even their juicy cheesesteaks and burgers!

In addition, Royale Crown also has a private sun room, the Palace Room, for special occasions, which allows you to enhance your whole exceptional experience with its breathtaking outside views.

So why must the loyal patrons of the town experience the torture of the long awaited opening for the season? For the longest time, it has been a mystery. Royale Crown’s late start.

Mary Baglivo, fourth grade teacher at Warren E. Sooy Jr. Elementary School student and mother of three feels the frustration.

“Baseball season started weeks ago, and my boys have been begging to get ice cream after their games! Royale Crown must open soon,” Baglivo said.

Cori Weiss, a student alumna of St. Joseph High School, echoed the thought.

“It’s not only annoying that they open up late, but they also close before September. There are no consistent dates for when this happens,” Weiss said.

Well, after some tireless investigation on why Royale Crown opens and closes inconsistently each year, the truth has finally come out. Lou Graziano, the owner of Royale Crown brought forth the truth.

“This year specifically was a lot more of a challenge to open with my daughter getting married last month,” he said.

“There is always lots of planning, the weather [hot and cold], will always play a factor as well into when we decide to open and close. It really has an impact on the amount of business we get. For us to be open, the cost has to be constant. Royale Crown is family run, and my wife, sister and brother are all [or have been] in the education field. I myself am a certified architect, and it also factors in when we open,” Graziano said.

After finding out everything from Graziano, the town must be obliged to have these few months when Royale Crown is open. The few months it is open will certainly not be taken for granted! Royale Crown is open now for cakes, but its long awaited opening was scheduled for May 18. Hopefully this will benefit the whole town in terms of mysteries, business and much more!

Regulars and newcomers have been flocking to the White Horse Pike business since it opened.

The Silver Coin Diner

by Lillian McLeod

Gazette Contributing Writer

The Silver Coin Diner is a great place in Hammonton that many people go to. So many people go there, but the wait time for your meal is pretty short for a busy diner. Lots of families go there, and they are all usually happy to be there.

It also has great service by the staff, according to Hammonton teacher Renee Clark.

“They have excellent service,” Clark said.

And the people who work there will tend to your needs. The waiters and waitresses always have smiles on their faces.

The food is delicious and also amazing.

“The food tastes great! My favorite food to get is chicken fingers,” customer Darcy Higgins said.

There are also many options on the menu that you can choose between. You can choose between breakfast, lunch or dinner at any time. There are daily specials too! And there are desserts like milkshakes. There is also a case of candy and a dessert case right when you walk in or out. It’s a sweet treat!

The place has a retro style on the outside, like a 1950s diner. It is also very sanitary on the inside. The people who work there clean the tables between customer visits. There are not many diners that look like the Silver Coin. The next time you’re there, look at the counter or the walls or also the ceiling. Or look at them all! You can choose between a booth or a table. There are also two rooms.

Diners are more of a New Jersey thing, so count yourself lucky if you live or lived in N.J. for a while and got to go to the diners. Diners like Silver Coin are not very common everywhere.

“It’s pretty cool being able to do something like that” customer Tommaso Hroncich said.

The Silver Coin has been open since 1982 and it’s a family-owned business. The current owners are George and Chris Tzaferos. The diner has also won many Hammy awards from The Hammonton Gazette throughout the years.

As you can see, the Silver Coin Diner is a great place to go with your family. The next time you are planning to eat with your family, you should definitely go to the Silver Coin Diner.

Hammonton Lake Park

by Steven Flores

Gazette Contributing Writer

The Hammonton Lake Park is an amazing place to relax and be stress free. Hammonton Lake Park is a small piece of Pine Barrens habitat nestled in the middle of the self-proclaimed blueberry capital of Hammonton.

This park offers a landscape that is used for recreation but also hosts a great array of birds and other animals. The lake is surrounded by sections of deciduous woods and a beautiful White cedar swamp. The springtime is one of the best times of year to see a wealth of wildlife including the many turtles around the lake and a plethora of birds including Gnatcatchers, Orioles, Warblers and a nice variety of Flycatchers.

Also Hammonton Lake Park is a beautiful place to take your children and grandchildren to play in the park. It’s a very fun way to be with your family, or friends you can play in the park or in the lake there are many fun things to do. You can go hiking, playing or just sitting around the lake. Also you can even take pictures.

“You can spend time with your family and relax,” Melissa Flores said.


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