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Faces of Eagles fans in Gazette Super Bowl supplement

Gazette Publisher Gabe Donio and Gazette Mascot Fenway at the newspaper offices.

This week, The Gazette provides Eagles fans with a Super Bowl special supplement on page 23.

In it, you’ll see photos of the faces of the most passionate fan base in football.

It may be the most passionate fan base in all of sports.

There is page after page of photos of Eagles fans—individuals, groups of friends and family members are all represented.

A famous face or two are included as well.

When we reached out to Hammontonians, many of whom are Eagles fans, for their photographs, we were repeating a process that Gazette Editor-in-Chief Gina Rullo first used five years ago, in 2018, when the Eagles were in the Super Bowl the last time.

We received a lot more photos this time—a sign of the continuing success of both the Birds and The Gazette.

When you look at the photos, notice the looks on everyone’s faces. There are few things in life that bring people joy—and bring people together—like sports do.

In recent years, Philadelphia has been blessed with successful sports teams competing at the highest level. A few years after the Eagles won it all, the Phillies made it into the World Series following a terrific playoff run in 2022. Only a few months later, the Eagles landed in the Super Bowl again.

The fans have been elated. Look at the photographs, at the green gear on every man, woman, child and pet.

Page after page of photos, all guaranteed to make you smile. It’s like a camera panned through the seats at the Linc and everyone in the seats was from town.

These are the people you see in those seats, or at the tailgates prior to the game. Many of them have been Eagles fans their entire lives, and once again, this is their moment to shine.

They’ll greet you and leave you with the phrase “Go Birds,” which has become like a regional version of “aloha.” They’ll sing the Eagles Fight Song at the drop of a hat, whether there’s music or not. They’ll tell you where they were when the Miracle at the Meadowlands happened, or when the Philly Special happened, like it just happened.

Football and Hammonton have always meshed well because the game is passionate and Hammonton fans—like all Philly fans—are passionate about the game as well. Have you ever encountered a true Eagles fan who said “Oh, the Eagles played yesterday? Yeah, I missed the game. Who won?”

That phrase just looks and sounds ridiculous, right? No Eagles fan would ever talk that way.

And no Eagles fan ever does.

If you want proof, just look at the photos in the Super Bowl special supplement again. From eight to 88, the Eagles fans are filled with emotion, ready to party, ready to cheer their team on as they go for a second Super Bowl victory this Sunday. Look at those faces, and you’re sure to find some people you know. The photos were taken at home, at Lincoln Financial Field, in the parking lot outside it and a lot of other places where local Eagles fans can be found. When all the photos are seen together, it shows the deep connection that exists between the Eagles and their legions of fans, including the ones in Hammonton.

The Gazette is proud to be a part of the fun and the passion, celebrating the fans, the team and football.

Go Birds!

Gabriel J. Donio is the publisher of The Hammonton Gazette.


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