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Flagship for growth

New Standard Senior Living at Hammonton’s Executive Director Jessica Capella (left) and Director of Marketing Britney Grisso-Leahey at the facility, currently under construction. Read the story in this week's print edition. (Courtesy Photo)

Speaking of economic success, anyone who has taken a drive down the White Horse Pike (Route 30) past the former site of the Econo Lodge can’t help but notice the transformation taking place on the site.

Once a moribund motel that outlived its useful life, the building is being completely refurbished through a project that sources connected with the new use—New Standard Senior Living at Hammonton, an assisted living facility—said will cost at least $27 million.

So far, according to a representative of the facility, $27 million is being spent on a project in uptown Hammonton right now, a project that is progressing toward completion. New Standard Senior Living at Hammonton Executive Director Jessica Capella told The Gazette that the facility is expected to be able to accommodate 162 senior citizens.

Undoubtedly, both the price tag and the scope of the project make it a flagship for growth uptown, and for Hammonton in general. What makes the project such a win-win is that with each passing week, a formerly derelict site is receding into memory while a new facility is taking shape.

The Gazette rechristened the commercial areas along the White Horse Pike and Route 30 “uptown” beginning in 2013. Since that time, tens of millions of dollars in projects that have improved the area have been built—and none of them were built prior to 2013. Now, New Standard Senior Living is spending nearly $30 million on its new facility, while eliminating a former eyesore at the site.

It should be noted that this project continues to move forward during a pandemic era. Its forward progress shows a commitment to Hammonton’s local economy by the owners of the facility.

New Standard Senior Living at Hammonton is a $27 million flagship in a fleet of new and continuing businesses throughout Hammonton. We are happy to welcome their project to the town.


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