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Get active for heart health

Becoming active is a great way to get your heart health, physical and mental health in line. (Courtesy Photo)

Becoming active is a great way to get your heart health, physical and mental health in line. You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. said to aim for at least two and a half hours of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week. Here are some heart-promoting physical activity tips that you should know.

Start Slow

Start slow with new activities and do more as time goes on and your confidence builds up. Workouts don’t have to include lifting weights in the gym or running around a track. Your activities can be something you and your family enjoy doing together. There are plenty of activities you can have fun doing while you are getting your much needed physical activity. Here are some to name a few from

• Go for a brisk walk around the neighborhood or mall.

• Ride a bike to work or around your neighborhood or park.

• Do push-ups during commercial breaks while watching TV.

Remember to have fun with your workouts. The more you dread working out, the easier it will be for you to stop working out. Make your physical activity something you can do with your family or friends. If you are a person that can handle intense activity such as basketball or soccer, then do so. Always remember to pace yourself and be careful to not hurt yourself.

Exercise to Build Muscles recommends doing muscle-strengthening activities at least two days a week. This can include chores or honey-dos. Activities such as heavy gardening, like digging or shoveling, or doing push-ups are great activities.

Practicing squats is another muscle building workout that you can perform at home. Set a chair under yourself and place your hands crossed on your shoulders and squat up and down onto the chair.


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