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Grand opening of Simply Salon Suites

THG/Sean Friel. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940. The Simply Salon Suites owners Stephanie Bilotta and John DeLuca stand next to the 14 other salon owners to cut the red ribbon, officially opening the suites.

On Sunday September 11, Simply Salon Suites held the grand opening of their location in the Raspberry Run Shopping Center on 12th Street in Hammonton. Many members of the community came out to support the opening, including members from town council and the Greater Hammonton Chamber of Commerce. The owners of Simply Salon Suites, Stephanie Bilotta and John DeLuca, were present for the ceremony, along with the 14 suite owners.

At 10 a.m., the Salon Suites owners gathered the guests who had come to support the business outside, where an arch filled with balloons stood in front of the opening. The suite owners lined up along with Bilotta and DeLuca around the arch, where they were presented with a red ribbon by the town. Soon enough, the red ribbon was cut, and the Simply Salon Suites officially opened for business.

Guests, family and friends filmed and cheered during the ceremony, supportive of the suite owners who had helped so many in town with their hair and salon needs. After the ribbon was cut, the crowd took the opportunity to view the inside of the suites, as well as the time to get to know the 14 suite owners.

For Bilotta and DeLuca, this day was a long time coming. The suites had opened a few months ago, with different salon specialists slowly filling the vacant spots of the suites. Soon enough, the suites became occupied.

“We have one left,” Bilotta said.

She explained that Suite 6 in the building was the only suite that had not been filled, and if anyone was looking to get into the Simply Salon Suites, the time is now.

Jessica Chandler, the owner of the JC Hair Studio, was one of the 14 suite owners who was excited about the opening. She explained that her own personal goal is to help people smile, and even has a quote on the wall explaining it.

“There’s a lot of negative in the world, and I don’t like negative. I always try to help, and I always like to make people smile. Those little extra touches,” Chandler said.

She explained in detail, saying that as a hairstylist, she has seen people at their best and at their worst. If she can do anything to help, Chandler will try and find a way to make sure her customer is smiling. She also explained her reasoning for getting into this line of work, and why it’s so gratifying.

“One of the reasons why I like doing this business is you get to meet new people every day, and the people that you have for a long time. You become part of their lives, I can’t tell you how many kids I’ve done since they were little, and now they’re going to prom,” Chandler explained.

Having her own place where she can meet new people and carry on relationships from past customers is something that Chandler is excited about, and is ready for the opportunity with Salon Suites.

Marissa Delfino, the owner of Blonde + Beyond, was beyond excited for the grand opening of the Simply Salon Suites.

“I love it, I’ve been waiting for it. I’m so so excited, it’s been a great turnout which I’m really happy about,” Delfino said.

Delfino, who has always wanted to be her own boss, had opened her suite on July 5, but was very excited to see the turnout of the event. Her friends and family crowded her suite congratulating her as guests passed through, while Delfino passed out goodie bags and cookies to new customers.

Shannon Ley, the owner of Color Me Pretty, was with her family and friends as well in her suite. Celebrating the opening day, the group took photos in Ley’s suite, and celebrated with some great charcuterie and sweets. She reflected on the opening, and is happy to be a part of the Simply Salon Suites.

“It’s so awesome, I’m excited,” Ley said.

Jennifer Bill, the owner of Rebel Salon Studios, has been with the Simply Salon Suites since May, and commented on the new directory that was put up for the grand opening.

“It’s been super great, super busy, and everybody seems to be jumping, which is nice because the clients really like that. We’re getting people who are very interested, they keep coming in to the vestibule, and they’re like ‘who’s here, what’s going on?’, so it’s nice they have the directory up now,” Bill said.

Excited with how the grand opening turned out, the salon specialists at Simply Salon Suites definitely have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming months. For more information on Simply Salon Suites, head to their Facebook page or Instagram, where events and information are posted.


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