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Hawks lease approved

The Hammonton Board of Education approved a revised lease agreement between the board and the Hammonton Hawks for the use of William T. Capella Field at the May 5 meeting. (Courtesy Photo)

HAMMONTON—The Hammonton Board of Education approved a revised lease agreement between the board and the Hammonton Hawks for the use of William T. Capella Field at the May 5 meeting.

“The Landlord does hereby lease to the Tenant and the Tenant does hereby rent from the Landlord, the following described premises: only the facility and improvements known as the William T. Capella Field Athletic Complex Concession Stand (‘Concession Stand’), but not the restrooms, located at the Hammonton Middle School Complex on Liberty Street in the Town of Hammonton, and being formally identified as a portion of Lot(s)__ in Block ___ on the prevailing municipal tax map of the Town of Hammonton and as more fully described in Exhibit 1 (the ‘Leased Premises’). The term of this lease shall be five (5) years commencing on May 1, 2022 and ending on April 30, 2027 (the ‘Rental Term’). This Lease shall renew for four (4) additional periods of five (5) years (the ‘Option Terms’) upon the same terms and conditions provided Tenant gives written or electronic notice to Landlord of its intention to renew the Lease sixty (60) days prior to the expiration of the Rental Term and each of the Option Terms. If Tenant shall fail to notify Landlord, Landlord will provide notice to Tenant of such failure and Tenant shall have an additional ten (10) days to notify Landlord of its renewal and such renewal will become effective,” the lease agreement read.

“The Town of Hammonton on behalf of the Tenant covenants and agrees to pay the Landlord, as rent for and during the term hereof, the sum of Three Thousand Dollars ($3,000.00) per year payable in equal monthly installments of $250.00 per month due on or before the 1st of each month to the Business Office of the Hammonton Board of Education, 566 Old Forks Road, Hammonton, New Jersey. If the commencement date of the Lease is a date other than the 1st of the month, then the rent for such partial month will be one-thirtieth (1/30) of the monthly installment of rent for each day included in such partial month,” the lease agreement read.

“The Tenant agrees to construct at its sole expense any improvement to the Leased Premises,” the lease agreement read.

“The Tenant agrees to maintain said premises in good condition and state of repair, and shall at the Tenant’s own cost and expense, make all repairs, including the maintenance of the improvements constructed pursuant hereto and as shown on Exhibit 2, and at the end or other expiration of the term hereof, shall deliver up the Leased Premises in good order and condition,” the lease agreement read.

According to the lease agreement Exhibit 2, Tenant shall at its own cost and expense complete the following improvements at the William T. Capella Field Athletic Complex: install a score board, construct a press box, install visitor bleachers; install a speaker system, paint the stands, rehabilitate the concession stand, install lights utilizing metal or aluminum polls on the practice fields and install a 50’ x 30’ (1,500 sq. ft.) shed at a location agreed upon between Landlord and Tenant.

“Utilities. The Tenant agrees to bear all costs for electric or other utilities used by the Tenant, which may be assessed or imposed upon said Leased Premises during the term hereof, and if not paid, such charges shall be added and become payable as rent. Notwithstanding the previous sentence, the Town of Hammonton shall pay the electric utility charges related to the Tenant’s use of all lights, that were or will be installed by the Town or Tenant during the term of this Lease,” the lease agreement read.

“Tenant’s Use of Facilities. Landlord and Tenant understand, acknowledge and agree that:

“a. William T. Capella Field shall be used for regular season home football and home playoff games held by Tenant.

“b. Tenant shall have exclusive use of William T. Capella field (including the bleachers, goal posts, lights, press box and contents, and scoreboard), and Practice field between June 1st and November 30th of each calendar year, with the exception of Priority 1 Groups.

“Landlord shall cut, seed or in any other way maintain William T. Capella field subject to Tenant maintaining the field for Tenant’s purposes,” the lease agreement read.

Board President Sam Mento III called the meeting to order and all board members were present at the Samuel A. Donio Memorial Library except for Board Vice President Linda Byrnes, Board Member John Lyons and Folsom Representative John Thomas who were absent.

Mento discussed item No. 74 on the addendum, approving the revised lease agreement.

“What I’m going to do now is—I’ll tell you it’s funny. I guess how long you’ve been someplace how history has a opportunity to repeat itself. And some years back, we had a budget hearing and we also had some people from the public come out for you know a particular matter and I was criticized a little bit for making those members wait for the entire meeting and actually I think the local paper even did a editorial on me for making those youngsters wait. So what we’re going to do tonight for this seeing that there are quite a few members of the Hammonton Hawks here tonight, and there is a very important item on our issue. I’m going to just move directly now take one item, item No. 74, which is a lease agreement between the Hammonton board of education the town of Hammonton and the Hammonton Hawks organization. This is for a lease of William T. Capella Field,” Mento said.

Attorney Amy Houck of Cooper Levenson added to the discussion.

“I would just add for discussion just to inform everybody and inform the public that the town solicitor did reach out to us this evening with a minor change to the lease which we have agreed to and we’ll be incorporating that into the final version of the lease. So the board’s vote tonight is with the understanding that that change requested by the town will be added to the final lease agreement,” Houck said.

Mento added that it was in reference to the original lights that were put up at the field.

“For recapture clauses there would be a potential for the town to go ahead and take those lights away if they ever were to choose so if this agreement were dissolved,” Mento said.

Mento said the final version will reflect that change.

“I just want to say I’m happy that we’ve come to the conclusion. It was, you know, it’s been a long time coming. I remember starting this process some eight years ago just to get the ball rolling. I remember Tom and Tom Attanasi and I attending several meetings at the bowling alley and I’ll tell you what you take a ride down Linda Avenue and you take a look at what that field looks like now compared to what it looked like 10 years ago where the discussion was whether or not we were going to tear down the bleachers and the press box and just get rid of everything and flatten it because we weren’t using it versus what we have now. Again, one of the nicest playing fields here in all of South Jersey, so I’m very happy to go ahead and get this finished tonight,” Mento said.

The board then voted on item No. 74, and the board unanimously voted yes.

Board member Raymond Scipione congratulated the Hawks during committee reports.

“I want to congratulate the Hammonton Hawks who have done a ton of work to bring William T. Capella back to life. As a former player, we were I believe the last team to play at Capella Field, so I’m happy that you guys are back for good,” Scipione said.

Board Member Thomas Attanasi congratulated the Hammonton Hawks for moving forward with the lease and wished them “the best of success.”

Board Member Kelli Fallon thanked the Hammonton Hawks.

“I want to thank the members of the Hawks organization. Some of which are present here tonight. I’m happy that our Hammonton football players and cheerleaders will have continued use of their facilities, and I say their facilities because these facilities are here for our Hammonton kids and our children’s continued use and enjoyment of their football field just makes sense, plain and simple. So I thank you and I wish you luck in the upcoming seasons,” Fallon said.

Before Mento gave the buildings and grounds report, he welcomed the Hammonton Hawks.

“Again just to reiterate, welcome Hawks. Welcome back. Welcome to the future. Really happy to have you guys here. The facility is looking fantastic out there. Like Mr. Scipione had said as part of my report here I wanted to thank Mr. [Robert] Capoferri for putting in that nice track out there. We have a beautiful asphalt track. We actually have the lining schedule weather permitting to happen in the next 10 days. I’m hoping to see possibly a powder blue striping out there to match the rest of the colors, so that should be something really really nice for the middle school program and for the town of Hammonton. We haven’t worked out all the particular details, but I do know in some communications with the Hawks they are looking forward to be a good steward of that field and work along with the school helping us with the gate and patrolling that and keeping it open to the public in a responsible way,” Mento said.

For William T. Capella Field, Mento said a new sewer injection system project is being scheduled.

“Like we had said time and time again, that had sat dormant for a very long time out there and we weren’t really aware or sure how well the septic system would keep up with the demands of the new use that that we have out there going on, so it was brought to our attention by the Hawks and by Frank LaSasso that we were having some problems and that it was requiring a lot of remediation. Some attempts with a grinder pump and you know staying on with the pumping of the septic system, but it just wasn’t right. And like we said that is our facility out there and ultimately we are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep, so we went out to bid, and it was a costly project, but we’re very happy to have that scheduled and now all the bathrooms at the William T. Capella Field, the concession stand will be tied into the Hammonton sewer and will be pumped out, so we won’t have to be dealing with any more issues that with the septic over there and that’s that’s a really good thing,” Mento said.

At Warren E. Sooy Jr. Elementary School, Mento said they installed new water bottle filling stations.

“They’re a real big hit for a time due to COVID we were unable to utilize our water fountains and you know it was tough, so we were able to find a type of product that retrofits right on top of where the old water fountains were and currently now we’re going through all the different schools and we’re connecting these water bottle station— water bottle filling stations to some of the old water fountains,” Mento said.

Mento discussed the TikTok trend where “kids were encouraged to do damage to the bathrooms.”

“There were some challenges put on TikTok where kids were encouraged to do damage to the bathrooms either to like you know steal something out and display or videotape yourself, which is the most foolish thing I’ve ever heard. Doing destruction to the bathrooms and we had some problems. And as you know like the rest of America, we are struggling to keep employees here and we are short staffed. Our hope was you know that this would die off or we would be able to control it through controlling the use of the bathrooms, but you know when you make a decision or a policy, you do so with the best intentions and then after a while you need to reexamine those decisions and those policies and see if they’re working if you’re getting you know the right effect that you were hoping for, and I found out that we weren’t happy with how it was working,” Mento said.

Mento said he heard from the public and students that it was a “real hassle not being able to utilize the bathrooms.”

The issue was brought up in committee meeting then Superintendent of Schools Robin Chieco informed the building principles and devised a plan where Warren E. Sooy Jr. Elementary School students can utilize the bathroom with a hall pass, Mento said.

“They don’t have to go to just the nurse anymore, and here in high school we’ve staffed up on our monitors—our hall—monitors so we can have you know a set of eyes in front of the bathrooms. That’s our hope that potentially moving forward we could do something with a key fob or some type of swipe to where the bathrooms that if you were to go you would have to swipe; we would have a digital record of who were using them. So if for instance there was some type of damage done, we could then track back to this person or persons who were using that facility at the time,” Mento said.

The turf field continues to make progress.

“I believe they hold out some 400 loads of soil to get down to the sand to make sure we will drain properly. Now you know what goes up must come down, but what goes out must come back in. They’re currently bringing in some 400 loads of stone that they will pack in and set up the drainage so that way that carpet will stay down because for those of you who have been following or have been on the board for a while, you know drainage has been a major issue here in this building and the facility. So we wanted to be sure to do it right and it looks like everything is going really well out there,” Mento said.

During public comment, AJ Mento representing the Hammonton Hawks as the organization’s secretary spoke to the board.

“Ladies and gentlemen of this board whether you perceive it this way or not, the board of ed. and the Hawks are a team. We are bound together by serving the same children of this district in the same community. Further, the volunteers of the Hawks are also taxpayers of this district and also siblings, parents, grandparents of the kids in your district. So we collectively are leaders of these children, so being a president, a football coach or a board member doesn’t mean that you have character or make you a great leader, but being in that position gives you the opportunity to determine if you are one or not. The last several months of the process with the Hawks gave you an opportunity to be a leader, and to bring people together and give kids of the community back their concession stand, their field, their bleachers and a place to call their home. Now I typically do not get involved in politics, but I can sure tell the difference between right and wrong. And when I see there’s a bully in the schoolyard who’s picking on a teammate, I was raised to step in, take the hits and make it right, and that is the fabric of the Hawks organization. In 2016, the board was kind enough to grant permission for us to resurrect a dormant Capella Field. And the deal was the school didn’t have the funds or the resources to fix the field of the concession stand, or the rotten bleachers, or the surrounding areas, but if the Hawks and their donors could fund it and do the work, then the board would give us a seven-day use of facility from August to November, and the board would not entertain any other use of facility requests because the field needed to be seated and rest. This is written in your district policy. They’re your words, not mine. Capella Field has a packed schedule, and we were happy to rehabilitate it for the kids of Hammonton, boys and girls varsity soccer, JV soccer. We used to have phys. ed. classes on the field. The Hawks practice there Thursday nights in a lined field. We walk through Saturday mornings. We play four Hawks’ games on Saturday afternoons. In some months we’re playing upwards of 12 football games a month and then for the kids who don’t get in, on Saturday we have B games, four of them on Mondays at Capella Field. So as you can imagine on or around October of every year, the field deteriorates, and after the first frost it accelerates the deterioration. So this is right at the most critical point of the season when we look to qualify for the playoffs and host our homecoming, and hopefully make playoffs. So in a partnership, right this team, it takes time to build trust, yet you can lose that trust in an instant. In June of ’21, there were two board members who took that property that they didn’t fund to rehabilitate, didn’t complete the work for or maintain and used it as a negotiating pawn in a separate business manner. As a result, the Hammonton kids had to limit their time at the facility and most impactful was that those B team players that didn’t get a chance to play on Saturday had to go play out of town on school nights every Monday to give the field adequate rest. So in today’s world you’re allowed to disagree. This violation of trust and district policy is a valid reason to disagree. And when we voiced our displeasure with this decision, we were met with 32 documented—documented communications that consisted of 20 insults, four profanities and eight threats. I’m an adult and I can take the hits, but the biggest insult of all was when our request to renew our lease was denied on September 9, 2021. Now as coaches and volunteers we’re not perfect. I make and I have made mistakes. We all make mistakes, but we do not under any circumstances allow our kids of the Hawks to speak to one another using insults profanities or threats. And it doesn’t matter if their teammates, friends, relatives, or siblings, or share the same last name, it is completely unacceptable. Now tonight is a teaching moment and it’s an opportunity to get veterans. This board is better than the actions described, and the bad behavior is a reflection of the entire board and the entire team so to be clear we’re not critiquing—we are critiquing the actions and not the person,” AJ Mento said.

Houck told AJ Mento, “I just want to interrupt. I believe it’s been over five minutes.”

“I’m closing. At the Hawks we tell the kids it’s their job to hold a fellow player accountable for going outside the boundaries of the culture and if they respond well they get better and they thank you. If they don’t respond well, they take it the wrong way then you know they’re not interested in making the team better and probably shouldn’t be on the team in the first place because they’re an individual. So tonight you made it right for the kids of Hammonton. We are your partners again. We want to be good partners. We hope we have been good partners, and we would like to put this issue behind us. Thank you for listening and respecting my time as I’ve respected yours and your commitment to the community. In closing we would like to thank mayor and council for their hard work. We would like to thank Luke Coia for driving the process forward and holding people accountable. We’d like to thank Kelli Fallon and Barbara Berenato for asking tough questions. We’d like to thank Tom Attanasi for being a fair mediator. Ray Scipione for being our liaison to the buildings and grounds, and John Lyons for his assistance, and we would like to thank the board members who stepped up tonight to be a leader and potentially break party line to do the right thing in favor of making Capella Field the home of the Hammonton Hawks,” AJ Mento said.

Dave Maimone the treasurer of the Hammonton Hawks spoke next during public comment.

“First off I’d like to take this opportunity to thank mayor and council and helping Hammonton Hawks organization securing a lease with the school board. I’d also like to thank the school board for approving the lease especially those on the board that championed our calls. With that being said, I must express to you my disappointment, the amount of time it took the board to renew our lease. This was a virtual layup. The kids in this community deserve that field. Ray you said you were one of the last teams to play on there. I played on that field too as a Hammonton Hawk. Give a little history, I’ve been with the Hawks now since 1994. We were approached roughly 20 years ago, 22 years ago to go to Capella field, and we’ve respectfully declined for a number of reasons not the least of which was a possible coming under the thumb of certain individuals or certain organizations. The Hawk organization is an apolitical organization. OK? We’re here for the kids of the community. Recently as Sam had stated about eight years ago, it was brought to our attention again, or we were asked again by town and the board to come back to Capella. After many spirited discussions with the Hawk board, we approved it and we said we would come over. We were also assured that things would be the same as they were at the lake; that we would not be infringed upon and we can run our organization as we see fit,” Maimone said.

“When the decision was made to go to that field, we took it upon ourselves and the town of Hammonton took it upon themselves to help fund our move. We walked into it. We walked into a field that had no lights. Again, we thank council and the town of Hammonton for that. A field in disrepair, no press box, a run-down snack stand, stands that were not safe and bathrooms that hadn’t been updated since the ‘70s and worked occasionally. We also thank you for doing what you’re doing with the with the septic and tying us in. That’s actually a big help. Through sweat, equity, a lot of Saturdays/Sundays after work going there, and a lot of money that was donated by people in this community, we built that. We built that field up to where it is today, and we appreciate all the good words and what you guys say about that, but that is the pride of our organization right now; it’s the pride of the football, the football thing that we play in. So with that being said, we hope to move forward with no more animosity, with no more animosity. I’ll keep it at that. Thank you again for approving the lease board,” Maimone said.

When it was time to vote, Mento recused on item No. 5, “Resolved that the Hammonton Board of Education approve the Board Minutes of April 7, 2022 (Open & Closed Sessions).”

“I have to recuse myself from No.5, the minutes. I was sick with COVID last month and was not at the meeting,” Mento said.

When it was time to vote for matters concerning finance, the board most notably voted to:

• Approve to adopt the 2022-2023 Hammonton Public School district budget, as required by the New Jersey Department of Education process, in the following sums: General Fund: $57,956,766; Special Revenues: $3,843,898; Debt Service: $2,061,156; Total Budget: $63,861,820.

• Acknowledge that the 2022-2023 school district budget represents: General Fund Tax Levy: $18,320,722; Debt Service Fund Tax Levy: $1,662,175; Total Tax Levy: $19,982,897.

• Approve to include in the 2022-2023 Budget a Withdrawal from the Maintenance Reserve in accordance with NJAC 6A:23A-14.2(d) in the amount $140,730 for required maintenance activities as reported in the comprehensive maintenance plan pursuant to NJAC 6A:26A-4.

• Approve the Requisition for Taxes for the year 2022-2023.

• Ratify the purchase order lists for April 2022 in the amount of $1,816,375.36.

• Approve the bill list for May 2022 in the amount of $871,739.28.

• Ratify the check lists for April and May 2022 in the amount of $220,206.36.

• Ratify the April 2022 payroll in the amount of $3,633,214.91.

• Ratify the April 2022 Food Service expense list, bank reconciliation, accounts receivable as prepared by the Food Service Director.

• Approve a corporate resolution for use of facsimile signature with Ocean First Bank.

• Approve appointing M.L.R. Risk Management, LLC as its Risk Management Consultant. Board members Barbara Berenato and Kelly Donio abstained.

• Approve an Extraordinary Unspecifiable Contract between the Hammonton Board of Education and the Horizon Dental Public Employer Trust with Brown & Brown Benefit Advisors as Broker of Record for the renewal term of July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023.

• Approve to award Professional contract for medical inspector to Stephen A. Nurkiewicz, MD for the 2022-2023 school year in the amount of $27,000 plus exam and testing fees.

• Approve the 2022-2023 nursing services agreement with Bayada Home Health Care in the amount of $48 per hour for One-On-One LPN and $60 per hour for One-On-One RN and for Substitute RN.

• Approve the 2022-2023 nursing services agreement with Preferred Home Health Care & Nursing Services in the amount of $48 per hour for One-On-One LPN and $56 per hour for One-On-One RN and for Substitute RN.

• Approve the 2022-2023 nursing services agreement with Maxim in the amount of $48 per hour for LPN and $60 per hour for RN.

• Approve a contract with ERA, Inc. to provide physical, occupational, speech and language therapy services from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023 at a cost of $20 per unit (15-minute intervals).

• Approve the Chapter 226 Nonpublic Nursing Services agreement with Bayada Home Health Care in the amount of $60 per hour for a Registered Nurse (RN) from September 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023. Amount paid to Bayada shall not exceed the nonpublic nursing allocation established by the NJDOE.

• Approve an agreement with DeMaio’s Inc. for Groundwater Remediation and LSRP Oversight in the amount of $5,675.

• Approve to award a contract to Northeast Electrical Services for a pump VFD installation at the High School in the amount of $40,261 based on Education Data.

• Approve participation in the National Cooperative Contract with Omnia Partners (formerly US Communities and National IAP).

• Approve an agreement with Phoenix Advisors, LLC for Continuing Disclosure Agent Services for the 2022-2023 fiscal year at a cost of $1,100 plus $250/event.

• Approve a lease agreement with Quadient beginning September 13, 2022 for 60 months for 4 Quadient IN600 auto feed mail machines at a cost of $594.68/month based on lowest quote.

• Approve to reject the milk bid received on April 7, 2022 due to a non-compliant bid submission.

• Approve to dispose of antiquated books and workbooks located in the Middle School.

• Approve an agreement with Burlington County Special Services School District for various educational services and evaluations required for students receiving special education services for the 2022-2023 school year.

• Approve a contract with Advancing Opportunities Cerebral Palsy of New Jersey from July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023 to perform Assistive Technology Evaluation Services.

• Ratify the March 2022 Latchkey Program Bank Reconciliation.

• Approve to award a contract to Peterson Service Company for a pump VFD replacement at the elementary school in the amount of $6,494.38 based on CCESC pricing.

• Approve a request to reduce the fee to $23,000 for Gloucester County Services Migrant Program to use the elementary school from June 20 to July 22, 2022.

Next the board voted on matters concerning personnel. Most notably they resolved to:

• Approve a letter of retirement from John Piper, district bus driver, effective April 26, 2022.

• Approve a letter of resignation from Lauren McManus, early childhood center part-time cafeteria aide, effective April 8, 2022.

• Approve the elimination of the elementary school part-time cafeteria/playground aide positions.

• Approve the following personnel for the Pre-K/Kindergarten Testers (three teachers for 60 hours each at $50/hr.): Gabrielle Attanasi, Gina Giralo and Courtney Thompson; approve the following personnel for the ELL Testers (three teachers for 65 hours each at $50/hr.): Amy Clauhs, Adalgisa Lyons and Andrea Silipena. Waterford Twp. Representative Al Pangia abstained.

• Approve the termination of Kimberly Enders, district custodian, due to abandonment of job effective May 2, 2022.

• Approve a letter of resignation from Anthony Merlino, district maintenance worker, effective April 15, 2022.

• Approve a letter of resignation from Kelly Caruso, district custodian, effective May 11, 2022.

• Approve a letter of resignation from Ronald Silipino, district grounds worker, effective June 15, 2022.

• Approve the following part-time middle school aide to be an assistant for middle school students who receive special education services to attend 8th grade activities: Theresa Smith. Total Cost to the District: Approximately $200.

• Approve the positions for the high school summer credit completion program for the 2021-2022 school year: one director and five teachers (207 hours x $50/hr. = $10,350).

• Approve the reemployment of the certified staff for the 2022-2023 school year.

• Approve the recommendation of reemployment of the district substitute teachers, home instructors and substitute office workers for the 2022-2023 school year.

• Approve the following personnel to perform the task of Title I Parent Engagement Outreach for the 2022-2023 high school summer reading: Kristen Ceraso and Tracy Angelozzi. Each personnel with Stipend $800 and FICA $61.20. Total Cost: $1,722.40. Total Cost Federal Funds under ESSA. No local funds are involved.

• Approve the summer 2022 hours for the middle school Title I Counselor and the district Mental Health Assistance Counselor using Federal Grant Funds. Kaitlyn McConomy 11 days at per diem rate and Lauren Grasso seven days at per diem rate.

• Approve the summer 2022 hours for the school guidance counselors, SAC and school nurses.

• Approve the personnel for the Title I summer 2022 programs, early childhood/elementary school Achievement Academy and middle school Summer Excel (which will run Monday through Thursday, July 5 to August 4, 2022, 9 a.m. to noon).

• Approve the personnel for the ESY (Extended School Year) summer 2022 program (which will run Monday through Thursday, July 5 to August 4, 2022, 9 a.m. to noon).

• Approve the summer 2022 hours for the personnel to complete child study team services for students receiving or requesting special education.

• Approve the personnel for attendance at IEP meetings throughout summer.

• Approve the following personnel pending receipt of all necessary paperwork (current substitute pay schedule approved by the Board January 20, 2022: Regular County Substitute Certificate - $125 per day, Regular Standard State Teaching Certificate - $150 per day; substitute nurse pay schedule approved by the Board October 14, 2021: School Nurse - $225 per day):

— Jennifer Lamanteer - early childhood center (replace N.C) part-time instructional aide

— Caitlin Fiamingo - early childhood center part-time personal care aide

— Jon Slashinski - district full time (replacement K.C.) custodian

Substitute teacher(s) who have a New Jersey substitute certificate:

— Marie Lamar Williams

— Jeanne Maimone

— Ariel Jaffre

— Susan O’Donnell

Substitute teacher/nurse who are applying for a New Jersey substitute certificate:

— Christine Bertman

Substitute food service worker(s) - $13/hr.

Substitute custodian(s) - $14/hr.

Substitute hall monitor(s) and cafeteria aide(s) - $13/hr.

Substitute bus driver(s) - $17.50/hr.

For programs, students and miscellaneous matters, the board most notably resolved to:

• Affirm the Superintendent’s HIB recommendation as discussed at the prior month’s meeting.

• Approve the submission of an amendment to the American Rescue Plan—ESSER to reallocate budgeted funds.

• Approve a request from Christine O’Donnell (Celebration of Dawn Baldwin) to waive all charges for the use of the high school on April 20, 2022.

• Approve a request from the Hammonton Cancer Foundation to waive the use of facilities fees for the use of the middle school fields on June 11, 2022.

• Approve a request from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Society to waive the facilities fees for the use of the St. Joseph’s Academy fields on July 16 and 17, 2022.

• Approve a request from the Hammonton Town Drama Theatre to waive the facility fee for the shows and practices and the custodial fees for practices only for the use of the high school starting in June and ending August 2022.

For the addendum, the board most notably resolved to:

• Approve a revised Lease Agreement between Hammonton Board of Education and the Hammonton Hawks, Inc. for the William T. Capella Field.

• Approve a Capital Reserve Withdrawal for the High School Turf Field: 10-307 Capital Reserve Withdrawal $25,000 and 12-000-400-450 Construction Services $25,000.

• Approve Change Order #01-1 for LandTek Group, Inc. to relocate existing irrigation main running through the turf field in the amount of $8,087.64.

• Approve to accept and award the 2022-2023 milk/dairy/juice bid to the sold bidder Hy-Point Dairy.

• Ratify a tuition contract between Waterford Board of Education and Hammonton Board of Education from May 4, 2022 through June 30, 2022 for student ID #999934 for a total amount of $2,103.92. Income to the District.

The next school board meeting will be held June 2 at 7 p.m. at the Samuel A. Donio Memorial Library.


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