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Deputy journalists from Sooy

The Hammonton Gazette’s Publisher Gabe Donio and Editor-in-Chief Gina Rullo were invited once again to work with fourth grade enrichment students at the Warren E. Sooy Jr. Elementary School.

The students are taught by Renee Clark, Joe Martino, Mea Lupinetti and Kristin Cavalucci.

Donio and Rullo edited the students’ work.

More articles were printed in last week’s edition.


The Grand Fine Dining

by Oliver J. Sutedja Gazette Contributing Writer

Have you ever been hungry in Hammonton and don’t know where to eat? The Grand Fine Chinese Dining has delicious Chinese food, including steamed or fried dumplings and fried rice. The chefs and waiters are extremely kind and respectful.

“The Grand has the fastest and kindest workers in Hammonton,” Mike Sutedja said.

It has take out and you can eat there. It is an amazing place to eat when you don’t know where to eat or you are having a movie night with friends. The dumplings are even better when you dip them in soy sauce. They are open late and their food is even better when you just get back from a late night at work and you just buy some dumplings and eat them at home in bed or watching a movie.

The Grand is very affordable and a lifesaver when you are having a party with a lot of your friends and or family. It is delicious and it is the best meal to have when you are alone or with your family or friends. The boneless spare ribs are also a very good option if you are going to The Grand. Fried rice is also a decent option.

“The Grand has the best Chinese food in the tri-state area,” fourth grade student Daniel Wuillermin said.

People recommend eating inside of the restaurant because it has amazing scenery. Inside The Grand it has paintings of beautiful trees, rivers and lakes that you can enjoy while you are eating your delicious food. Even though it is a small restaurant it still has amazing views. The Grand has amazing Chinese food and quality. It is not a regular Chinese restaurant that you would find down the road. It has recipes that were passed down for years and years. They have authentic soup and utensils from China. The waiters and waitresses are very kind and thoughtful. They bring your food out almost immediately. It is extremely delicious, and they have beautiful cups, utensils, napkins and tablecloths for you to use.

You can also call them and drive to the restaurant and when you walk in your food will be ready. The Grand has large quantities of food for only a small amount of money.

If you ever go to The Grand you will not find better Chinese food in Hammonton, according to many. For the people of Hammonton, it is proven that The Grand has delicious Chinese food.


The paw-fect Animal Clinic

by Nola Scaffidi Gazette Contributing Writer

Did you recently get a new pet and need a vet to take it to? Well, the Animal Clinic of Hammonton may be the perfect one to give a try.

The Animal Clinic of Hammonton is a wonderful vet to take your pets to. The clinic has very nice workers that will take excellent care of your pets. They are fully-trained and are also very gentle and caring with their pet patients. The clinic has many different services besides a regular pet visit. They have nutritional training and different wellness programs. They also have an app to download and keep up-to-date with your furry friends. The clinic has products to purchase for your pets, including healthy treats and vitamins and even scented candles.

The lobby has pictures of the staff members’ pets and free treats to keep your pet busy while waiting for their appointment. They have a fun, little photo booth to take pictures of your pet at the end of your appointment.

Each October, the clinic has a Fall Festival for all animals and their families. They have a Halloween Pet Costume Contest and give out prizes for the winners. They also have local vendors and a few different raffles. It’s a great way to involve our community.

The Animal Clinic of Hammonton has won the 2020, 2021 and 2022 Hammy Awards which are voted by the community members of Hammonton. They have been in business for almost six years. They have around 25 employees, and five of them are veterinarians.

Tori, who has been working at the clinic since they opened, explained that “the most commonly seen dog breeds at their clinic are poodle mixes, labradoodles, Pitbulls and german shepherds.” Her personal favorite dog breed is a Labrador retriever. Tori’s best advice for a new pet owner is to “listen to your vet and don’t use “google” for answers.” She also said “it is really important to keep up with vaccines and preventatives for your pet.”

All in all, the Hammonton Animal Clinic is very friendly, clean and wonderful place to bring pets of all ages. They are smart, friendly and they love animals. It’s the “paw-fect” place to bring your furry friends.


The character traits of history

by Zooey Tell Gazette Contributing Writer

In life, many people seem to be struggling with different challenges they face each day. There are so many different lessons around for people to learn and apply which would make them happier. The musical Hamilton (available to watch on Disney+) is filled with a lot of these lessons. Have you ever watched Hamilton or heard about the duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton? Well it’s a quite wonderful thing that many people have become attached to (After watching the musical). There are also a lot of lessons and characteristics that we can take out of the musical.

Sometimes it is best to be the bigger person and to swallow your pride. Although Burr and Hamilton have done pretty bad things equally, they decided to have a duel to end their conflict. However, when dueling, Hamilton decided in the end he should shoot the air. This ultimately led to his death as Burr shot Hamilton in the ribs.

Alexander Hamilton risked his life to be a better person, and people should use this as an example to be the bigger person when it comes to arguments and disagreements.

It is always great to help those who are hurting, so you can make them better. Compassion is present with Hamilton. Hamilton’s sister-in-law was going through some trouble and Hamilton woke up every morning and wrote her a letter. He told her how his son is doing and even how Eliza is doing. This is compassionate because he takes an hour out of everyday to write a letter, and because Angelica (his sister-in-law) cares a lot about Eliza.

“Talk less and smile more.” This quote by Aron Burr is really important to the storyline. Why you may ask, it is Burr telling Hamilton that if he keeps opening his mouth it may be his doom.

Basically King George The 111 says that if you open your mouth “ I will kill your friends and family to remind you of my love.” so, Burr is telling Hamilton to be careful.

Aron Burr’s quote “I am the one thing in life I can control” is a reminder that you are the one thing in life you can control. He emphasizes that you are inimitable and original, and that you can only control how you handle disagreements. He also emphasizes the importance of self control and removing the mindset of trying to control or contain everyone else.

Hamilton’s song “Telling The Story Of Tonight” emphasizes the importance of having a team.

It reminds us that in almost every sport, there is a team. Without a team, one would not play as well as one does with a team, but with a team, one would have friends outside of school and play much better.

A lot of people cannot wait for the next big historical masterpiece that will provide the same level of life lessons. Hamilton was and will always be a big part of many people’s lives but if there comes another historical masterpiece maybe that will be their new favorite book/musical. The important thing is that there’ll be more important life lessons to include in our lives.

“This could steal the paper.”


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