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Kathy P. Volpi

Kathy P. Volpi died peacefully at her residence on Saturday, December 18, 2021 at 4:23 a.m. with her loving husband by her side.

Kathy was a graduate of St. Joseph High School where she received a reward for excellence in Latin presented to her by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ranere. She was also a graduate of Glassboro State Teachers College (currently Rowan University) receiving undergraduate and graduate degrees in teaching.

Married in November 28, 1964 to James Volpi, resided in Haddon Twp. for two years and 30 years in Cherry Hill. She was employed full-time for 37 years as a remedial reading teacher in Hammonton and Winslow Twp. but mostly at Stoy and VanSciver Schools in the Haddon Twp. School District. While residing in Cherry Hill, she was employed part-time evenings at the then new Echelon Mall in the information booth and attended several social events hosted by mall administrators for mall employees.

She and her husband took a memorable trip to Switzerland and Northern Italy inclusive of Lugano. Also over the years trips to Myrtle Beach and New Orleans were frequent and enjoyable. Kathy also enjoyed going to the theater district in New York City where she saw several live stage shows one of which was the original cast of Lion King. She loved going to see The Rockettes in N.Y. for the Christmas Spectacular. She also was a member of the Walnut Street Theater for several years located in Philadelphia.

She retired from teaching in 1997 and moved to Hammonton to her lifelong residence at 532 Grape St. Soon after she became involved as an ardent volunteer at Kessler Memorial Hospital (KMH) and ultimately was elected President of the KMH Auxiliary. During her tenure as President, she and her staff were responsible for holding various charitable events resulting in monetary donations to KMH. Some of the events hosted by the Auxiliary are enumerated as follows: Annual Fashion Show and Luncheon; Christmas Tree Decoration Event; Annual Hoagie Sale; Casino Trips and Bake Sales. The Auxiliary was also responsible for the opening of a Fashion Boutique resulting in used and new clothing.

Kathy was also a prolific writer of several editorial articles appearing in The Hammonton Gazette. Titles of some articles published were as follows: If Ben Franklin lived today: Knowing what it takes to be a good leader; March’s arrival brings whispers of spring; Reflections on the former pope; April is volunteer month; Summer festival season; Christmas traditions from around the world; Illiteracy is a large problem facing our nation; Will we outlive our cash. In addition to these editorials, she also wrote several letters to the editor.

In her later years, she enjoyed being an usher in the entertainment venues at the Borgata Casino where she made several new friends and met many entertainers. She especially loved the music of Josh Groban and El Divo. She enjoyed the comedy style of Seinfeld who appeared several times at Borgata. She also enjoyed playing the slots at the Borgata since at that time employees were allowed to play during their time off.

She was fond of watching baseball especially her Phillies. The baseball playoffs were always a special event. The extended baseball season up to the World Series was enjoyable. A very memorable event was driving to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York City with several of her Borgata usher friends to watch the Phillies play the Yankees especially in a hot 98-degree temperatures day.

In her spare time, she loved to cook and bake and child sit our beautiful twin granddaughters and traveled with the family to Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach and Ocean City Maryland.

Finally she loved going to Mass at St. Mary of Mt. Carmel where she served as lector and member of the Rosary Society and enjoyed having breakfast with many friends who attended the 8 a.m. Mass. She also enjoyed scheduled breakfasts with classmates at the Silver Coin Diner inclusive of lunches and dinners at other area restaurants.

I personally will always have my dear spouse and friend Kathy in my heart and mind.


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