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Kubotas, more at Cummins Equipment

Ed Bober of Cummins Equipment Co. Inc. (THG/Joseph F. Berenato. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940.)

Hammonton farmers will once again not have to travel far for Kubota equipment.

Cummins Equipment Co. Inc., located at 717 White Horse Pike, is the area’s only authorized Kubota dealer.

“Our areas are Atlantic County, half of Camden County, half of Burlington County and some of Gloucester County. We have a pretty good area of responsibility with Kubota. We reach out to a pretty big area,” said Ed Bober, the general manager for Cummins Equipment Co. Inc.

Bober said that the company is the brainchild of Glenn and Jamie Cummins, who also own Engine Distributors Inc. in Blackwood, N.J., which sells Kubota engines.

“They’ve always wanted to get into tractor dealership, but never had the opportunity. They had a relationship with Kubota, so they always had the interest of getting into tractor dealership ... a few of the employees told them they should put in for the franchise, and they did. They were able to get it, because they had a 35-year history with the Kubota engine division. They had a great history with them, and they were able to do all the right things to get this,” Bober said.

Bober said that Cummins Equipment was able to rent the same building that previously housed Farm-Rite—and, before that, Rodio Tractor.

“They rented this building— which was already set up as a Kubota dealership—off of Butch Rodio, who still owns the property, and we got right back into what we’ve always been doing,” Bober said.

Bober said that he first began selling Kubota equipment six years ago under the former business at that location.

“I was doing the same thing for the previous company that was here. Eight of our employees were employees of that company, too, that came here with us and I was able to keep on. A lot of the same faces are here,” Bober said.

Bober said that Cummins Equipment Co. Inc. is a full-line Kubota dealer.

“We sell everything from their smallest tractor up to their biggest construction piece ... It’s a great product. It’s been around forever. Kubota compact tractors still lead the industry in market share,” Bober said.

In addition to Kubota equipment, Bober said that Cummins Equipment Co. Inc. also sells Ferris lawnmowers, Wright lawnmowers, RedMax hand tools, Echo hand tools and Oxbo blueberry harvesters.

“It’s a mechanical blueberry harvester that the farmers in Hammonton use to pick their blueberries to reduce the amount of manpower that they need to hand-pick the blueberries. We sold nine harvesters this season; there are probably close to 100 harvesters in the town of Hammonton. It’s a great product for us, and it’s a great product for the blueberry farmers. With the labor shortages, this is the way it’s going and a way for them to get their berries picked,” Bober said.

Additionally, Cummins Equipment Co. Inc. sells agricultural sprayers and other farm implements.

“We’re going to sell a line called Cima. We’re going to the vegetable growers’ show in Atlantic City in the first week of February, and Cima is going to sell that booth with us. There’s a lot of their canon sprayers around town. Now, they’re building tow-behind sprayers to be able to compete with other companies,” Bober said.

Besides their agricultural clients, Bober said that Cummins Equipment Co. Inc. is popular with landscapers.

“Our landscaping portion is probably 50 percent of our business here. We have tons of great landscapers, local guys coming to buy their mowers off of us. They’re buying their oil here and other stuff. That’s a big part of our business, and we really appreciate that business from the guys in town. In turn, they also buy Kubota tractors from us, construction equipment, stuff for snow-pushing and so on,” Bober said.

Bober said that they are a full-service dealership.

“We do parts, sales and service for all of the lines we carry,” he said.

Bober said that business has been steadily improving since Cummins Equipment Co. Inc. first opened its doors in September of 2021.

“We’re getting our customer base back pretty quick here since we were closed from April until September in the transition between one company going out of business and getting opened back up again,” he said.

Bober said that they hope to be a successful business in the town of Hammonton.

“The town needs it; the farmers need somewhere to go to buy parts and tractors ... We’re here. We’re open again. We just got our new sign put up. We’re back in business. It’s the same spot, same faces and a different name,” Bober said.

For more information, call (609) 561-0141 or visit


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