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Letters to the Editor: Hammonton Coronavirus Task Force

To the Editor:

One year ago, at the beginning of this awful pandemic, Mayor Steve DiDonato took immediate action and formed the Hammonton Coronavirus Task Force. The purpose of the Task Force was to provide residents and businesses with up-to-date, vital information and immediate assistance as we faced an uncertain future while quarantined in our homes. The town partnered with non-profit organizations and individuals to create a website, email address and hotline dedicated entirely for this effort. In true Hammonton fashion, scores of community volunteers signed up to help with one of the three committees: Community Goodwill, Economic Impact or Health and Safety. Today, the Task Force committees are still working as hard as ever. I would like to thank the mayor for his leadership throughout these trying times and pledge to the residents that town council and the Task Force will continue its efforts to aid and assist.

I have the privilege of serving as co-chair of the Community Goodwill Committee, along with Lisa Maiale-Howell. This committee focuses on helping residents’ access essential resources during the pandemic. I want to thank Lisa for her tireless efforts in this role, especially in working with our local food banks.

We would like to remind residents that the Community Goodwill Committee and its volunteers are providing assistance to residents with the registration and scheduling of free COVID-19 vaccination appointments. We encourage residents who have questions about vaccination eligibility and appointment accessibility to visit, call the Hammonton Coronavirus Task Force Hotline at (609) 925-1166, or email Ayuda e informaciόn sobre COVID-19 (609) 878-2136.

We understand that some of the registration and scheduling systems are challenging, and prohibitive for residents without internet access, but volunteers are here to help. Volunteers are available to provide residents with information about the local locations offering the vaccine in Hammonton at MediLink RxCare, WalMart Pharmacy, Walgreens, ShopRite and Southern Jersey Family Medical Centers or at the Atlantic County Mega Site in the Atlantic City Convention Center, operated by AtlantiCare. Committee volunteers are also able to discuss transportation options for vaccination appointments through the Route 54/40 Community Shuttle or New Jersey Transit. While we do not have special access to any of the vaccination scheduling systems and cannot guarantee an appointment, the committee volunteers will do their very best to accomplish that goal.

We are all in this together and we are determined to make sure that Hammonton will come out of this pandemic stronger than ever.

Councilman Thomas Gribbin

Hammonton First


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