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Letters to the Editor

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To the Editor,

As a lifelong Hammontonian, I care deeply about my hometown. I love its history and traditions, its MainStreet and all the small businesses, my neighbors and our families. Hammonton is truly a special place.

I often think about how far our town has come over the past 15 years or so. The positive changes that have occurred in Hammonton have really helped to improve our town. I want to see those improvements continue and see Hammonton grow, while also maintaining our unique identity. I want people who make the decisions that affect our town to care about Hammonton as much as I do.

That is why I am supporting the Hammonton First ticket of Tom Gribbin, Jonathan Oliva and Zack Brown for Hammonton Town Council. These three men are very active members of our community who know our town, love our town and who work everyday to make it a better place.

They support our police, our organizations and charities and our business community. They are always around town and available to talk about any issue. Most importantly, they are good people with good hearts and strong minds.

I have no doubt that they will make the right decisions for Hammonton. Please join me in voting for Column C- Gribbin, Oliva, Brown for Town Council.

Carol G. Santora

Hammonton, N.J.


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