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Letters to the Editor

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To the Editor:

I am writing to express my wholehearted support for Bob Lolio’s candidacy for the Hammonton School Board. Having known Bob for over 35 years and sharing the journey of our education through the Hammonton school system, I can confidently attest to his unwavering commitment to our town and its future. Bob and I have been friends since our days as classmates, and today, we find ourselves in the unique position of witnessing our own children navigating the very schools that shaped us.

This shared experience has only deepened our passion for Hammonton’s educational system and the well-being of its students. A fourth-generation Hammontonian, Bob’s roots run deep in this community. Not only has he returned to our beloved town he has also invested in it by bringing his architecture business to the heart of Hammonton. This decision exemplifies his genuine dedication to our town’s growth and prosperity.

What truly sets Bob apart is his pure-hearted commitment to Hammonton’s school system. His candidacy is not driven by ulterior motives or political agendas. Bob genuinely cares about the children of Hammonton and their academic environment. He is a trustworthy voice, guided by a desire to make informed decisions that will benefit our students and the community at large.

Bob’s down-to-earth and level-headed approach to issues is precisely what we need in a school board member. He is not one to make hasty or rash decisions but will carefully consider the best interests of our children and schools. His steadfast belief in the importance of education as a cornerstone of our community is undeniable. In this pivotal moment, it is crucial for our generation to step up and give back to the town that has given us so much.

I wholeheartedly believe that Bob Lolio is the ideal candidate to carry this torch. Alongside my endorsement of Bob, I’d also like to express my strong support for Kelli Fallon, a dear friend running for reelection. Kelli’s dedication and experience have been instrumental in our school systems progress, and together, Bob and Kelli can help shape the future of Hammonton Schools with unwavering commitment and vision.

Mike Comunale

Hammonton, N.J.


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