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Letters to the Editor

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To the Editor:

Once again, I have to take issue with Dr. Hernandez’s column, this time focusing on his pronouncements about the President’s failed immigration problem. Actually, the problem preceded him for at least 10 years previous, culminating in former President Trump’s drastic implementation of Operation Zero Tolerance, in which children as young as two years old, were forcibly separated from their parents at the border. Every parent should read the full accounting of this policy in the September issue of ‘The Atlantic.’ It will sicken you, I guarantee.

Hernandez also cites the “Republican governors’ brilliant strategy of...sending illegals to so- called Sanctuary Cities”. The President is absolutely right in calling this un-American, and playing politics with human beings.

If Mr. Hernandez thinks this is a brilliant strategy. I really hope he’s not passing these ideas on to gullible students of his. The immigration issue needs to be addressed in a spirit of bipartisanship, but it seems it’s easier to just criticize and do nothing.

Chick DeCicco



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