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Letters to the Editor: Congratulations to The Gazette

To the Editor:

Congratulations on being named one of only 11 Honorable Mentions in Editor & Publisher Magazine’s “Top 10 Publishers That Do It Right” list! This comes as no surprise to me, as The Hammonton Gazette has always been synonymous with “doing it right!” Frankly, to say “job well done” is truly an understatement! The Hammonton Gazette is a stellar example of dedication, determination, consistency, persistence, accuracy, courtesy, consideration and service to the community. The Seashore Lines is extremely pleased, proud and privileged to be an advertiser in The Hammonton Gazette.

Once again, Gabe, Gina, Dan, MarySusan, Kristin, Sean and Joe, please accept my sincerest and most heartfelt “congratulations!” Each and every one of you have proven that you are among “the best of the best!”

Tony Macrie

President and

General Manager

The Seashore Lines



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