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Letters to the Editor: Henry Jenkins

To the Editor:

The community embraced Henry Jenkins who recently passed away. Those who met and spoke with Henry at the Wawa remember him with warm memories. Henry was the man who took on yard work from anyone who asked. He charged very little for what he did and never felt slighted. His big smile and big heart, his humble personality and gratitude of his simple life drew everyone to him like a magnet.

This man’s personality became very powerful. There was people who I like to call angels invited him to dinner. They would buy him food and try to give him money. Many times he would refuse. He did not believe in hand-outs, but rather of worked for what he needed. Others would bring him and his brother dinners on holidays.

Henry continued almost daily to ride his bicycle to Hammonton with his metal crates and yard tools attached. After his brother passed, Henry began to have his own health issues that caught up to him. Many people wanted to place his bike in their truck and take him to his home. He would rarely refuse and welcomed the ride home after a long day. He never wanted to put anyone out of their way to help him.

I felt Henry was a kind man and never uttered a malicious word against anyone. If you had a bad day he would lift up your spirits just by talking to him. He would have you look at your problem from a different perspective.

When you think God does not hear your prayer or believe that you are a forgotten soul, just remind yourself of Henry Jenkins. God sent him angels who are real people with names and lives. God never forgot Henry and Henry never forgot God. With gratitude he never asked for anything and had what we all strive for inner peace of his soul.

When Henry passed away at Mainland, his blessings continued. A fitting tribute was held at Marinella Funeral Home on February 9, 2022. Pastor Ken from Abundance of Life Church gave blessings for Henry. He asked for people to talk about stories they shared with Henry.

People stood up and talked about the memories they had with Henry and what a person he was. It was truly a warm and fuzzy feeling in our present day world to see a community come together as one people.

No one was Black, white, Italian or Polish, rich or poor but rather a group of human beings just doing the right thing. I pray God continues to bless this town of angels and my friend Henry Jenkins rest in peace in Heaven.

Maria Brita



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