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Michelle J. Lamont manifests miracles, positive thinking

Courtesy Photo Manifesting Miracles promotional poster.

From the “Law of Attraction” origins in 1850, to the popularity of “The Secret” in the early 2000s, to today’s feel-good viral trend—”Lucky Girl Syndrome”—no one in America is more credentialed to speak on the power of positive thinking than award-winning manifestation coach Michelle J. Lamont.

A certified “Happiness Expert” whose podcast—Manifesting Miracles—recently burst into the Top 20 of Apple’s self-help genre with almost a quarter-million listens, Lamont can eloquently discern and dissect “Lucky Girl Syndrome” as not a fad, but a potential blueprint for improved mental health.

To some, “LGS” may be just a hot hashtag. The term—which encapsulates the belief that you are the luckiest girl in the world and that the universe is conspiring in your favor—has hundreds of millions of recent searches on Google and TikTok. But for a skilled life coach who has devoted her career to the virtues of vibrational awareness and daily affirmation, the social phenomenon is merely the latest incarnation of good ol’ fashioned manifestation.

“It’s based on the act of truly believing you are lucky,” Lamont says. “Someone practicing ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’ believes that everything will go their way, just because they are lucky. That works to attract good things in their life. This is Gen Z’s version of ‘The Secret’.”

Lamont is a definitive authority on decoding “LGS.”

She leads a digital workshop on the topic through her website, and consistently wows audiences across the country recently as keynote speaker for events such as Celebrate You and the HerStory National Women’s Day in Washington, D.C. on March 10 at the Fathom Gallery.

Courtesy Photo Michelle J. Lamont.

“Your brain can’t decipher the difference between the truth and a lie,” Lamont says. “If you make something a truth, you’ll change the way you do things … with your subconscious level empowering you to engage in actions that feed into those positive vibrations.”

In addition to her podcast and numerous speaking engagements, on March 5 Lamont will also be hosting her award-winning “Into The Mystic” course designed to help students discover alignment in their lives.

About Michelle J. Lamont: From orphanage to Oprah to omnipresent, award-winning manifestation expert Michelle J. Lamont is amplifying and sharing her powerful mindfulness message across platforms and across America. Despite being orphaned at a young age, Michelle recognized—and eventually harnessed—her unique gift for praying, dreaming and speaking into existence the life she always wanted. Her manifestation ultimately helped her overcome the obstacles of abandonment and abuse, to become a wildly successful entrepreneur, podcaster, spiritual life coach and motivational speaker. From a failed suicide attempt to interviews with Oprah, Kim Kardashian and Cindy Crawford, Michelle is now dedicated to guiding anyone, no matter their circumstances, to create the abundant life of their dreams. Michelle is a certified “Happiness Expert”, a popular TEDx speaker and a manifestation and mindset coach. In addition to coast-to-coast TV appearances, her award-winning Manifesting Miracles podcast recently burst into the Top 20 of Apple’s self-help genre with approximately a quarter-million listens.


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