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Parking lot problem

The town of Hammonton has done a fine job maintaining its parking lots in the downtown area. (Courtesy Photo)

The town of Hammonton has done a fine job maintaining its parking lots in the downtown area.

We’d like to remind all private parking lot owners that they should keep their lots at the same level of the municipal lots. It’s important for the town, which is again welcoming visitors from throughout the region and the nation, to have a good appearance.

That means all private lots should join the public lots and make sure there are no tall weeds, no weeds growing out of the curbs or cracks in the sidewalks, and no trash in the lots or on the sidewalks around them. There should be paved areas wherever possible, no potholes and new striping.

The areas that we are referring to are bordered by and include lots on the following streets: Orchard Street, Second Street, Horton Street, Third Street, Vine Street, Central Avenue, 12th Street, Washington Street and West End Avenue.

These streets constitute the core of our downtown area, which is home to events and festivals throughout the year. It isn’t a lot to ask to have all private parking areas cleaned and maintained throughout the year at the same level as the municipal lots.

After all, every landowner’s goal—especially downtown—should be to put the best face forward possible on the town, so their tenants, particularly stores, offices, restaurants, educational facilities and entertainment venues—all benefit from a downtown that always looks excellent.

The Gazette hopes to see changes in the direction of excellence for all private and municipal parking lots in the coming weeks.

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