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Snow Days

The snow last week brought both kids and adults out to play, sled and build snowmen.

February 1 and 2 were fun times for snow lovers. The Smith girls: Kenzie and Kayla, 8, Emma, 5, and Ellie, 6 months, with Aubrie Macri, 8, enjoyed the snowfall. (Courtesy Photo)

Pictured from top, left: Bella, Dominic Cushinotto, Bryan, Dominic Panarello bottom: Sean, Kayla Cushinotto, Skylar Panarello and Lani the dog; Olivia Scotto di Vetta, 9 months; The Seitles: Ash, 3, Casey, 5, Jaiden, 7, and Sora, 17 months; Chucky Conway pulling Reiss Iannaco, 12; Chloe Bailey, 9; Colin Villani, 11; A. J. Kapoff and Alex Giordano, who are both well over 6’ tall; Gabriella, 3, and Adeline, 5, Silipino; Connor Weiss, Freddy Weiss, Todd Black, Jayden Rivera and Tristan Sabol. (Courtesy Photos)

Pictured from top, left: Maddie, 33, and Dave, 26, Birnbaum; Mason Privitera having fun feeding the birds; The Herrmann kids: Reese, 11, Kent, 7, and Fawn, 3; Lucia Barone, 7 months; Nina, 10 and Nola, 7, Scaffidi; Anthony Donio, 8; The Kiry’s: Leena, 7, Jake and Ellie, 5; Aiden Macri, 15; Gianna, 6, and Emily, 3, Arena; Anthony, Anna and Niko Argiropoulos in the snow on February 1. (Courtesy Photos)

Pictured from top, left: Anthony, Anna and Niko Argiropoulos in the snow on February 1; Mason, 5, and Mia, 8, Galletta; Nina, 8, and Lucas, 2, Rizzotte. Above (l-r): The Smith girls: Emma, 5, Kayla, 8, Ellie, 6 months and Kenzie, 8; Laura Selzer and Lily Madara; Emily Williams, 8 and Kenny Williams, 5; Skylar and Dominic Panarello, Brantley and Clayton Reichert; Nola, 7, Veronica, 7, Alessia, 5, Giada, 8, Nina, 10, Luca, 11, and Enzio, 12; The Birnbaums: Eli, 5, Amelia, 9, Penny, 12, Vera, 7 and Sylvia, 3. (Courtesy Photos)

See more photos in the print edition.


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