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Struble at Atlantic County Family Spine

Dr. Stephen Struble. (Courtesy Photo)

Dr. Stephen Struble DC, a local chiropractor, is seeing patients in the Hammonton and other offices of Atlantic County Family Spine & Rehab Center, he told The Gazette in an interview.

Struble, who is originally from Hammonton, has hours in the center’s Hammonton office, located at 300 Railroad Avenue, on Mondays and Thursdays. The office is open Monday through Thursday.

A 2020 graduate of Life Chiropractic College in Georgia, Struble said he knew he wanted to go into the profession from as early as high school. A two-sport athlete at Hammonton High School, he initially sought chiropractic treatment at that time.

“I was seeing a chiropractor for minor injuries between baseball and wrestling. I had some head and neck injuries in high school. Later, when I was at Stockton University, I saw a chiropractor for shoulder pain. The chiropractor always seemed happy with what he was doing. I went from taking Advil before each game to taking nothing as a result of the chiropractic care,” Struble said.

The chiropractor left an impression on Struble that led him to look further into the profession, he said.

“I had a friend, Alex Ballistreri, whose aunt and uncle were chiropractors. They are Dr. Karen Callaghan and Dr. Tony Holvick. I met them and stayed in contact with them, and five years later, I am working with them,” Struble said.

He said he is enjoying being a part of Atlantic County Family Spine & Rehab Center.

“The energy of Dr. Callaghan and her husband Dr. Holvick is unmatched from anything I’d seen,” he said.

Dr. Karen Callaghan. (Courtesy Photo)

Helping patients get better is the best part of being a chiropractor, Struble said.

“It is very rewarding. As the youngest one in the practice, I have benefited from practicing with the other chiropractors. Once patients get to know me and experience my adjustment, they appreciate it,” he said.

When asked about his approach to patient treatment, Struble detailed his process.

“The first thing we usually do is have a consultation and thorough evaluation. Then we typically send the patient out for X-rays, as needed. We go over the X-rays and create a care plan, depending on the patient’s needs. A care plan will begin more progressively such as three days a week and then taper off as the patient progresses down to once or twice a month for maintenance,” Struble said.

He said he was looking forward to treating patients at Atlantic County Family Spine & Rehab Center in the coming years.

“I see myself working here for quite some time in the future. This has definitely been a good fit for me so far,” Struble said.

For more information about Struble and Atlantic County Family Spine & Rehab Center, go to or call the Hammonton office at (609) 704-3103. The center has four locations, including Hammonton, Egg Harbor Twp., Galloway Twp. and Atlantic City. To make an appointment, please call (609) 704-3103.


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