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The Gazette’s 25th Anniversary

Having worked with people from Hammonton for over 32 years, it has been a joy to see the growth of The Hammonton Gazette through these years. It seems that The Gazette continues to find new ways to add value to its pages for the sake of the community. Hammonton is a unique and special town, and it deserves a unique and special newspaper which is packed with something for everyone.

I have appreciated the opportunity to be a monthly contributor to The Gazette through my “Seeking Balance” articles in the Health section, as it has encouraged me to think creatively about themes and topics which have practical value to individuals and families with whom I work. You may find it interesting to know that many of the articles have been translated into Spanish and are used as outlines and handouts for lectures I give on mission trips to South America where I teach pastors and church leaders. It has been truly humbling and a blessing to me personally, and now people from countries across South America are reading a piece of The Hammonton Gazette. As part of Zoom classes, many Hammonton Gazette articles are being sent to all my “students” in 10 different countries with each class!

I continue to be very grateful to Gabe Donio and Gina Rullo for their invitation to write these articles. Their hard work and professionalism are a great blessing to me and to the town of Hammonton.

Ronald S. Newman, Ph.D. is a psychologist South Jersey who does telehealth through a video based format. His website, has a blog designed to provide practical tips for managing a wide range of life problems. He also can be reached at (609)-567-9022.


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