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What is ‘Tech Neck?’

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Hello readers and happy May! This month we are going to discuss “Tech Neck.” Tech neck is a term used to describe the pain that is felt in the neck by a person who looks down for a long period of time using their phone, tablet, computer and/or other technology device. Tech neck causes a person’s neck to be strained and that strain turns into stiffness which can lead to forward head posture, rounded shoulders, a lump on the back of a person’s neck, headaches and pain in the neck and shoulders.

Some tips to help you when using technology:

1. Keep your neck in line with your spine and maintain eye level with your device.

a. You can use a stand to place your device on so you can avoid looking down

2. Take breaks during screentime.

a. Set a timer that will allow you to stand and rest your eyes

3. Stretch/strengthen your neck and shoulder muscles.

a. Performing exercises will decrease the strain on your neck muscles

If you or someone you know are having symptoms related to tech neck you can make an appointment with a physical therapist and become educated on exercises that will decrease your symptoms. Also, a physical therapist can assist you with setting up the proper work and/or study area for you as well to help you prevent/improve tech neck. Should you need assistance please give NovaCare Rehabilitation a call and we will be happy to get you started!

Call your local NovaCare Rehabilitation in partnership with AtlantiCare today or visit to learn more. You can contact NovaCare Rehabilitation, located at the Blueberry Crossing Plaza, 240 S. White Horse Pike, Suite C-6 at (609) 561-5308 or visit


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