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$200K Hammonton bound for Lake

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TRENTON, N.J.—Hammonton Lake Park Improvement Program elevated their financial coffers via Assemblyman Michael Torrissi Jr. The program is slated to receive a $200,000 award from the state of New Jersey to complete engineering studies required for project development at Hammonton Lake Park.

The announcement came out in a press release from Jacquelyn A. Suarez, Acting Commissioner to Torrissi dated Feb. 29. The release credited the award on behalf of Governor Phil Murphy and the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.

Working across the aisle Torrissi was able to get certain line items in the budget for the district including this award for Hammonton. That has been historically rare for Hammonton, Torrissi said.

“I worked with the mayor and council asking for their needs. One of them was the lake. There was already an ordinance on the books, and I was able to secure money for the town through that,” Torrissi said.

The recent direct line item to Hammonton came through the constant Hammonton presence Torrissi brings for the district and especially Hammonton.

“This is a big thing, now that I’m representing Hammonton in the state capitol. [A direct line item] is something that I can’t remember the last time it happened [for Hammonton],” Torrissi said.

The award is expected to be enough to finish the studies.

Mayor Stephen DiDonato stated that the majority of the funds are expected to go to the engineering study. Funds that remain will be used for construction costs. He said the intent is to give the park a facelift, including improvements to the walking trail, playground area and the buildings around the fields.


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