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A hidden gem on North 3rd Street

632 N. 3rd Street features a nice backyard, a greenhouse and a shed. (THG/Sean Friel. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940.)

The first thing noticeable about 632 N. 3rd Street is the land that surrounds it. With 2.87 acres of land, a greenhouse, and a shed, this three-bedroom, two-bath house makes an impression right away. The home features an attached garage as well, however a separate key is needed to unlock the garage.

When walking inside of the home, the first room you enter is a small one. The walls are plastered white, with a wood texture. Some of the paint has gone yellow, but it can be painted over. The floor is grey with some white spots on the ground, mostly from duration.

Waking past the entrance and small room, the kitchen is the next stop in the home. The floor changes when entering the kitchen, as nice tile lines the floor. The appliances are old, with only a stove, fridge and an oven, with a sink that has a window to look out to the yard. The cabinets of the kitchen are made of wood with a dark color brown, which matches the style of the home. Wood panels seem to be the theme of the house, with the pattern throughout the home.

Just next to the kitchen is the dining area, where the tile floors disappear, and the grey floor is visible again. Tan and white panels like this wall, along with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The chandelier fits well in the space, and the dining area also has a window that looks out to the side of the home.

Walking down the halls of the home, the first bedroom was a small one. With hardwood walls like the kitchen, this room also features the grey flooring throughout the home. This bedroom has a window that looks out at the land of the property, and also has a small fan and light.

The first bathroom features blue tiles over the wall, a window, a sink, a shower and a mirror along with a toilet. This bathroom may need a little work, but thankfully the floor is lined with tiles, making it one of the nicer floors in the home.

There are two other bedrooms in the house, with a fan and lamp in both. The grey flooring can be seen throughout, along with a window in each room. One is bigger than the other, but not by much.

There is a den attached to the house, that is a fairly large space. This space leads to a door that goes out to the patio on the property, and has a lot of windows to look outside.

When heading downstairs into the basement, that’s when things get interesting. Featuring it’s own kitchen, the downstairs area has a functioning sink, along with appliances like a stove and oven. Marble lines the walls until it meets the dark brown cabinets that match the hardwood aesthetic of the home. The kitchen is much smaller, but functional nonetheless. It features two small windows, allowing for some light to come in.

The basement also features a bathroom of its own, with a nice tile floor, and white walls. A washer dryer and fridge can be found in the basement as well, along with plenty of room for storage.

The outside of the house features a patio, that has a door that leads into the den of the home. The patio is cement, with cement blocks put on top of one another as almost a partial wall to the patio. The yard of the property is big, with a lot of room for any activities. A greenhouse is on the property, as well as a shed for storage.

While the home may be a little outdated, it has a lot of room, along with great functions for any family.

The home is listed by Janet Forman of Balsley/Losco for $369,900. Call (609) 646-3207 for more information.


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