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Awarding the Golden Snow Shovel Award

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Awarding the Golden Snow Shovel Award

Ok, so there is no such thing as the Golden Snow Shovel Award. There should be. But there isn’t. If it were so, we believe we would have the first winner of the award.

Let us echo the words of Hammonton Councilman Sam Rodio…

“They did a helluva job!”

It seems the snow flurry of last week forced many localities and residents into a hibernation like state. Not so for Hammonton. As the flakes fell, they met a determined foe – public works.

The town faced a barrage of up to six inches in places. And while the pace of the snow remained steady throughout the first wave Wednesday night and again on Friday of last week, the town crew in Hammonton managed to maintain passable roads throughout the flurries.

Not only did they maintain passable roads, but they did it quickly. What made the challenge even more impressive; the department did so while being down two trucks. We compliment and commend the efforts of the staff. Their continuous work made the comings and goings of the citizens much more bearable.

Snow is challenging enough for homeowners as concerns over maintaining walkways, the threat of frozen pipes, and the downright inconvenience of dealing with the cold to take care of necessary business is a burden of winter. The fact that not having to worry about being able to easily move about lessens the burden when facing ‘ole Man Winter.

It is easy to allow the weather to dial down our joy and elevate our negativity. But when others in the community like the public works department do such a stellar job as they did in our first real snow, it makes it a bit easier to let a smile of appreciation overshadow the frown of depression.

So, ladies and gents of the road crew we say… “You did a helluva job!”


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