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Dig into yardwork with proper posture

Bad posture (shown on the left) and good posture (shown on the right). (Courtesy Photos)

While summer is breezy, carefree and fun, there are many reasons to look forward to autumn once September lazily rolls around. Be sure to protect your back as you prepare to dig into yardwork!

October marks autumn, falling leaves and plenty of yard work to go around. However, it is important to be aware of your posture and movement patterns during yard activities to minimize the risk of injuring your back. Things to remember when performing yard work:

Keep It Close: Keep all lifted materials close to your body to minimize stress on the spine.

Keep The Curve: Maintain the curve of your spine by bending at the knees and hips, lifting with your legs, and lightly contracting your abdominal muscles.

Avoid Twisting/Rotation Of Spine: Avoid the risk of injury by minimizing repetitive twisting/rotation of your trunk during yard activities. Also avoid rotation of your spine while lifting heavier items, which can cause excessive stress to the spine and surrounding tissues.

In between watching the big game (or even playing a friendly game of touch football) and enjoying the remaining weeks of warmer weather outside with your friends and family, we know you will have many projects around your home that will keep you busy. Should an injury arise, be sure to keep NovaCare Rehabilitation in mind.

Call your local NovaCare Rehabilitation center today or visit to learn more. You can contact Samantha Hvasta, DPT, manager at NovaCare Rehabilitation located at the Blueberry Crossing Plaza at (609) 561-5308 or visit


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