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Infinity Salon and Boutique hosts first Girls Night Out

Infinity Salon and Boutique, located at 80 S. White Horse Pike was a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation on Aug. 25 for their first Girls Night Out event. One side of the salon served as a space for the town’s unique businesses to showcase products and services for free to the public. Throughout the event, the salon became a space where women could connect with each other.

As radio hits played in the background, attendees met and connected with each other over wine, sweet treats and a variety of vendors over the course of the evening. Attendees were greeted with the food and smaller items available for purchase like soaps, candles and healing crystal-infused perfumes.

Infinity Salon owner Alyssa Vega got the idea to create this event after realizing the importance of having women-owned small-business in Hammonton connecting with each other and what better way than with a ladies night.

“I think it’s important for us to get together especially because we only have one guy here who runs a business, he is one of our barbers here and so, everyone else is women,” Vega said.

That lone barber, Frank Mazza, was just as happy to be in attendance with the ladies for a fun evening and felt it was important to support local vendors at events like this.

Among the vendors who came out were a variety of food and beauty vendors. While one was selling healing crystals, another provided tarot readings or henna tattoos. One mother-daughter duo from Exit 28 Boutique, Christina and April Carnesale sold clothing, beauty products and Little Words Project bracelets.

“Being invited to this was amazing and then now seeing it all come together and all the amazing small local businesses coming together and doing this for our community and the girls in town is really amazing and I really loved it,” Christina Carnesale said.

Another duo provided a spiritual kind of relaxation. Charli and Christina Campanaro brought healing to the attendees with crystals for sale and tarot readings. While attendees could just get crystals anywhere, Charli Campanaro shared how her mother is able to put her positive energy into the crystals through a healing practice called Reiki.

“My mom is actually a Reiki master,” Charli Campanaro said. “She does tarot readings and I sell crystals and I think it’s a fun thing we do together.”

For those who were just there for a hair appointment or treatment, they could still enjoy the festivities and shop around. It’s not every day you get to enjoy free snacks and drinks while pampering yourself, so attendees took advantage.

Among those services were Botox injections, teeth whitening and teeth jewel applications. Attendees who also wanted their hair down could get a wash and signature blowout for a discounted rate.

In addition to checking out the vendors, Infinity Salon offered a retail sale throughout the evening including a gift certificate special. Attendees had the opportunity to buy a $100 gift certificate and get a free $25 gift certificate.

Vega would love to see more opportunities like the Girls Night Out in the future.

“I think it’s important for us to support each other especially in a small-town with small business owners,” Vega said. “So, we had the idea of having a vendors event and we all got together and are making the best of it.”

Future events and promotions can be found on the Infinity Salon and Boutique Facebook page.


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