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Perspective: Fifth District

Former councilman and current Atlantic County Fifth District Commissioner James Bertino was reelected and Former Hammonton Board of Education president and current councilman Joseph Giralo was elected to the position of county clerk. (Courtesy Photo)

Atlantic County Government has long been regarded as the best-run county government in the state. Much of that credit can be attributed to the direction of Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson and his relationship in working with The county board of commissioners. In our form of government, Mr. Levinson and his administrative team have the daily responsibility of running the day-to-day operations in Atlantic County.

One of the most important tasks that the county administration undertakes each year is the preparation of a county budget that addresses the needs of all of its citizens.

At a recent commissioners’ meeting Executive Levinson introduced a county budget that included a 1.6-cent decrease, when many counties are raising their taxes to address the many issues the novel coronavirus Covid-19 presented Atlantic County has held the line. Managing the county in a fiscally conservative way while planning for and addressing the many issues our residents face has never been easy. With the challenges an urban center like Atlantic City and the shore communities bring to the agricultural and rural towns on the western side of Atlantic County, these areas require local responses that satisfy all.

Recently the county discussed with the commissioners that 112,000 of the 275,000 residents utilized county services of some form and thankfully we were there when our residents needed that support. I have a friend who recently told me it really does matter who you elect, Atlantic County has been proof of that.

Jim Bertino


Fifth District

Atlantic County


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