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Horace Mann, pioneer for American public education, once said that education is the “true equalizer.” As a public school, Hammonton High School provides students with numerous opportunities to prepare them for the next chapter of their lives, ranging from advanced placement courses to on-the-job work experience. In addition, new programs are added yearly to meet the demands of the ever-changing workforce.

Currently Hammonton High School offers 13 Advanced Placement (AP) courses in math, English, history, science and psychology. Students take AP classes for high school credits in preparation for the College Board AP exams. Depending on test scores, students may receive college credits upon admission that will reduce the number of credits needed for graduation from the college or university of their choice. For the 2023-2024 school year, new AP courses in computer science and Spanish; language and culture will be added to the program of studies.

The high school is continuing to add new dual credit courses. These specific classes are part of the regular offerings at Hammonton High School and are also aligned with local community colleges and Stockton University. Students are taught by Hammonton High School staff following approved course syllabi. Students can choose to pay for college credits at a reduced rate from Camden County Community College, Atlantic Cape Community College or Stockton University. The number of courses changes yearly with an average of 20 to 22 courses approved in the areas of math, English, history, science, psychology, digital arts, technical design, food and nutrition and world languages. We are also exploring the opportunity for students to earn an associate’s degree from ACCC along with a high school diploma.

In addition to course offerings, we also find other ways to help students explore post-graduation pathways. Recently a group of approximately 50 11th grade students visited Rowan University to help them determine whether college might be a possibility. Following the visit, some students are now considering college as an option, while others still wanted to explore a traditional vocational route after graduation.

To address this need, students will be exposed to trade schools as well as the option to participate in the Northeast Carpenters Apprenticeship Program. The Structured Learning Experience (SLE) also provides an opportunity for on-the-job work experience for eligible students on a part-time basis. The goal of this program is to give students a head start in the working world through experiences in school and on the job.

Another exciting program is a partnership with Virtua Health to provide an EMT Co-Op High School Program. Interested students would receive free comprehensive EMT training as a launching pad for anyone interested in a career in healthcare as well as in-demand professions within pre-hospital care, emergency medicine or many peripheral health professions. The 16-week course is offered late afternoons to allow students to attend following their required high school schedule. Once completed, students may be hired as per diem EMTs through Virtua.

As the world around us changes, Hammonton High School, a comprehensive high school, is constantly revising programs and adding new opportunities to provide the best foundation for our students to succeed. Additional information about these programs, along with more traditional offerings will be provided for parents of students in grades 8-11 in the near future to assist with making decisions on course selections that meet their needs and interests. Dates and times will be shared with families when plans are finalized.

Hammonton has a long tradition of providing an excellent education for our students. Our curriculum and programs will continue to evolve to meet the demands of our ever-changing world. Ensuring that our students have the necessary skills and experiences to chart their path for the future no matter the destination is of upmost importance at Hammonton High School.

Robin Chieco

Superintendent of Schools



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