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Rancher for sale on Valley Avenue

This home at 713 Valley Ave. is listed for $274,900 by Michael Long. (THG/MarySusan Hoffman. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940.)

While it may not be the biggest or most expensive home in the market, 713 Valley Avenue still creates a welcoming atmosphere to all guests. At around 1,300 square feet, the small rancher surprises in many areas, with hidden charm and in a great location in Hammonton.

Taking a look at the front of the home, interested buyers will find stone covering most of the home. The stone slabs give an interesting characteristic to the structure, grabbing the attention of anyone looking at it. Plants and shrubs can be seen placed in an orderly fashion around its front, which adds to the aesthetic.

The backyard of the property is fairly large, with plenty of room for children or adults to enjoy. A brick fire pit is placed in the backyard, but most likely has not been used in a few years. However, with a little spring cleaning, the brick fire pit could easily be revived and put to good use.

Walking inside, guests will find a common area, or the living room of the rancher. Armed with a fireplace and lots of natural light, the room can easily fit a few pieces of furniture for lounging and relaxing. The white walls and tan floor allow for the light to bounce around the room, and adds to the charm of the home. Also featured in this area is a sunroom. Featuring four big windows, the light yellowed walls and tan carpet allow for a calm and soothing atmosphere in the home. Perfect for enjoying the nice sunny days, the sunroom is one of the best features of the house.

Walking to the left of the common area, guests will find the dining room of the home. While small, the room still allows for a few pieces of furniture including a table. The window in the room is large, and features a nice view of Valley Avenue. A ceiling light can be used to add more light to the room as well.

The kitchen of the home feels like stepping back in time, with tile flooring and a green coat of paint on the wall. Ample lighting is featured, with a ceiling fan and light overhead, and a window that looks out to the front of the home. The granite countertops are sturdy, but the home could use an update on appliances in the kitchen. The shiny white countertops contrast with the color of the tile on the floor, and the room has enough space for an additional table.

The two bathrooms in the home are small, with one having room for a shower, and the other with just enough room to fit a sink and a toilet. Both bathrooms feature tile walls, and contrasting colors. The bathroom with only a toilet and sink has flowered wallpaper, while the bathroom with the pink shower has pink walls to match.

The master bedroom of the home is smaller than most, but within a rancher, it seems to fit right in. The room has enough space to fit a king sized bed, and features ample closet space for storage. Other furniture could be placed inside the master bedroom to flesh it out, and features white and tan walls.

The other two bedrooms of the rancher are much smaller, with room for maybe a queen- or a twin-sized bed. The rooms both feature a window, and only one has room for a closet. The room with the closet features green carpet, while the other room has tan carpet like the other rooms in the home.

The basement and garage of the home can assure interested buyers that storage will not be an issue. While the basement is not fully furnished, it is roughly the largest room in the rancher. A washer and dryer are featured in the basement, and windows allow for some light to pass through. The garage can hold two cars, or maybe extra storage.

The home at 713 Valley Avenue is listed at $274,900 by Michael Long of RE/MAX Community-Williamstown. For more information, call Michael Long at (609) 513-347 or (856) 318-2313.


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