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Classic subs, fresh ingredients and a taste of home

THG/Sean Friel. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940. John Perrotta and Rosa Roberts at PrimoHoagies.

Located in Broadway Square off of the White Horse Pike, PrimoHoagies offers a taste of Philly with their hoagies and subs. Famous for Italian hoagies, the original PrimoHoagies was founded on Ritner Street in South Philadelphia. Since it’s initial launch, PrimoHoagies has been expanding, with nearly 100 locations currently. John Perrotta, the owner of the Hammonton location, was excited about new locations popping up in state as well as out of state.

Perrotta was one of the few who had invested into PrimoHoagies before it skyrocketed into success.

“I used to go to PrimoHoagies, and when I tried these hoagies I said ‘these are really good,’ the quality of the meat, the bread, the ingredients were great. Then I investigated, and that’s how I got started. I wanted to bring one to my hometown of Hammonton,” Perrotta said.

He explained in more detail his love for the taste of PrimoHoagies, saying how it was almost love at first sight.

“After the third time I ate it, I said ‘I got to look into this,’ and after talking about it I figured I had to do it,” Perrotta said.

Perrotta said that right off the bat, people started to enjoy the PrimoHoagies when it first opened in 2011. He explained that the town was amazed by the quality of the ingredients in the hoagies, and enjoyed the Philly feel of the food. Perrotta was happy with the location of the business as well, with easy access along the White Horse Pike.

“It’s a great location, it’s right off the pike, it worked out perfect for us,” Perrotta said.

When asked about his favorite item on the menu, it took Perrotta a while to decide his favorite hoagie, but eventually landed on the Italian hoagie. Perrotta raves about the flavor and bread of the hoagie, and the different ingredients that made it so special to him as well as the franchise itself. He mentioned the cheesesteaks on the menu as well, saying how they have been a hit with the locals.

“We have the Philly steak with the classic cheese wiz, or whatever you want,” Perrotta said.

The opportunity to expand one day is something that is on Perrotta’s mind, however at the moment he said it looks unlikely. With people not wanting to work, it has been hard to find employees for the business.

“It gets tricky, right now with the help… unless you have a manager on the floor and they know what they’re doing,” Perrotta said.

He explained that he would like to branch out one day, but unfortunately without someone who can operate the other location it doesn’t look likely. Yet, Perrotta looks to maintain the current store, and to make it the best hoagie shop it can possibly be. Perrotta enjoys the work involved with the hoagies, and is a proud owner of his current location, as well as the team he has assembled to help. Creating a perfect hoagie for customers is something Perrotta is focused on, and seems to be maintaining.

For more information on PrimoHoagies, head to their website at, or give them a call at (609) 567-7466.


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