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Creating a work of art with foods

Tiffany LaSasso, the owner of Mangia Bene, with a sample platter. (THG/Sean Friel. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940.)

A little more than a year ago, Tiffany LaSasso started the company Mangia Bene in hopes of creating a business that would allow her to manage her time as well as create a relaxing environment for her. LaSasso took the time to discuss the business, and what it has to offer.

“It’s a charcuterie company, but under all that I do all different kinds like not just what you would normally think of, with like meats and cheeses. I offer brunch boards, with like Danishes and yogurt, I do bagel boards, I do fruit, which is one of my most popular, I do like dessert ones and themed for certain holidays … I like to offer everything,” LaSasso said.

Offering multiple different choices and options, Mangia Bene successfully allows for creative ideas to flow.

“Even with my menu … people stray from that, which I like because it gets me to do different things that I wouldn’t normally think, and then there’s always add ons that they can add to their order to make it more unique and just how they want it,” LaSasso said.

About a year ago, LaSasso started the business during a hectic time in her life but had high hopes for the business.

“I started it a year ago, it was February 7 was like my technical one year … I kind of started it at a very hectic and not ideal time in my life, my oldest son he’s 8 now but December of 2020 he was diagnosed with leukemia … so I had to step back from work … I had already started doing charcuterie just to bring to friends’ parties or when we would have company, and it was just something I liked to do it was relaxing for me … it’s kind of like my artwork … definitely have come a long way since last year,” said LaSasso.

With the pieces in place, LaSasso took hold of the opportunity.

“That opportunity kind of came up and we were like well let’s try it, see how it does and maybe it could be something, and it did. It turned into a lot bigger than I thought it would, I was always just hopeful that I would get any orders, and then my first holiday I did really well, and it just got bigger from there,” LaSasso said.

The leap was successful for LaSasso, with the business taking off. The bigger orders seem to catch LaSasso’s eye, with a big blank canvas of a soon-to-be work of art.

“My favorite part … probably when I get the big parties. They’re sometimes a little hectic and I’m running around crazy … it is me and my husband helps me but he is a teacher full-time so when he’s working it’s all me. Parties are on the weekend which helps so he’s home and he’s able to help … but other than that it’s just me. The parties … can be hectic, but it is more fulfilling because it’s like a bigger masterpiece I think you’re making, and to see it all come together in the end it gives me so much joy to see it, and then see how my customers love it,” LaSasso said.

The gratitude and joy her customers show are important to LaSasso. Even when times are stressful, she still makes an effort to create whatever her customers desire.

“Sometimes it’s stressful … I have a very hard time saying no, I’m trying to be better about it but if I can make it work, I always try to make it work … I tell people call me and if I’m home and I’m able to, then I’ll do it for you, it doesn’t matter. The other day I got an order an hour before … I like to accommodate when I can … I don’t want to turn people away,” LaSasso said.

In terms of long-term goals, LaSasso sees a big future for the business with a possible partnership.

“I want to be bigger in a sense … some months are slower than others, so I want to kind of get into more like partnering up with places maybe, like we have our wineries, distilleries and breweries in town, which most of them are bring your own food … having a partnership with local businesses in that sense,” LaSasso said.

For more information on Mangia Bene, visit their website, Facebook or Instagram or call (856) 404-8107.


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