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Letters to the Editor

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To the Editor,

One thing that has been irking me for the past three years or more at the Mount Carmel Feast Week stands is the massive Trump tent on Third Street, directly opposite from the Assumption Stand. You can’t help but notice it as you make your way around the festival. Their prior location was across the street from the church before it was relocated, perhaps under pressure from devout parishioners.

Look, regardless of your political persuasion, don’t you think we have enough politics in our daily lives, from 24 hour news channels to now a seemingly endless, and disparaging, parade of campaign ads interrupting our TV viewing? It’s bad enough that in this age, politics are driving a wedge between friends and yes, even families, so much so, that many families are making it taboo to mention politics at the dinner table.

On top of all this, do we really have to see a slew of “Let’s Go Brandon” banners confronting us as we endeavor to partake in one joyous week for which Hammonton is renowned for? Let’s enjoy Mount Carmel Week and keep the politics out of it. It’s ugly, and it’s divisive.

Chick DeCicco

Hammonton, N.J.


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