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Letters to the Editor: Vote Luke Coia

To the Editor:

I share concern with many of our fellow residents over the state’s influence of curriculum, health policies and standards held by our school. Over the last three years, N.J.’s current governor, along with the State legislature and far-left activist groups, are upending every standard and pillar of education as we know it.

They’ve forced a curriculum that teaches critical race theory, gender bias, and sexual orientation starting at the Kindergarten level. They are attempting to end advanced placement classes and change opportunity to equity within course load.

They’ve made healthy students stay home weeks on end, while pushing restrictive covid-19 policies that evidence shows make no difference in outcomes, yet have driven a drop in test scores, physical activity and most importantly, caused a spike in mental health issues.

To do my part, I’ve proudly spent the last six months supporting my cousin, Luke Coia, in his run for Hammonton School Board.

There is no other person I know who is more unafraid, more willing, and more dedicated to take a stand for our students, our teachers, and our town, against a bureaucratic state Department of Education that cares more about appeasing far-left activists than educating our next generation of leaders. Luke Coia believes our students’ education comes first, in an environment that promotes growth, opportunity and a normal childhood.

Luke Coia is fighting for our teachers who are tired of educating our children through plexiglass cages and Zoom video calls, while being forced to act as mask monitors on top of their challenging teaching duties. Luke Coia will demand transparency at the administrative and curriculum level.

However, one board member cannot do it alone.

We as parents, taxpayers and concerned citizens must support the School Board candidates and members that will protect our student’ mental health, support a curriculum that follows the golden rule, keep health decisions with the family not the state and perhaps most importantly, fight to keep our community and culture within the halls of our school system. I ask you to vote for Luke Coia, and hold the others accountable to these same standards.

Vincenzo Penza



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